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Millennia MWDH30S Warming Drawer With Blue LED Light Indicator 4 Timer Settings Plus Infinite Mode 500 Watt Heating Element &

October 26, 2011

Millennia MWDH30S Warming Drawer With Blue LED Light Indicator 4 Timer Settings Plus Infinite Mode 500 Watt Heating Element & 30-in. with Horizontal Stainless Steel Trim

With a gentle heat ranging from 100 to 200 degrees and an accurate timer serving your food at ideal temperatures becomes a nearly effortless task and thats just one of this warming ovens many advantages among the others are the luxurious warmth of a …

List Price: $ 1,770.00

Price: $ 1,539.00

Fall is Upon Us ? Time To Update The Sock Drawer

Now, bear with me folks; I have some terrible news to report to you: Summer is starting to disappear.

With Labor Day now past us, the days of summer are winding down. Kids are returning to the bus stops, the sun is setting earlier and earlier, the air is cooling and our sandals are being packed away.

With the disappearance of our sandals, our sock drawers are sure to be bombarded with our digging hands more often. Our reliance on our socks are about to surge upward as these next months pass through; it’s time to make sure our sock drawers are ready.

Getting the sock wardrobe ready for fall can be tricky. Depending on where you live, and this happens a lot here in Michigan, the weather can fluctuate a lot. One day could be pretty cold, and the next is pleasantly warm. You’ll need socks to meet you in the middle.

A lot of wool socks make for a great option in the fall. When a lot of people hear wool, they probably think something thick and heavy for those blistering cold months. Well, that’s not always the case.


Take SmartWool, who just recently put out their 2011 Fall Lineup, as an example. SmartWool has plenty to offer in terms of a lightweight wool sock. Made from Merino wool, their socks are great for odor and moisture control, while keeping your feet warm. SmartWool socks are also made with breathable fibers, making sure it doesn’t feel like your feet aren’t walking saunas. That’s the big key to a good fall sock � something to keep your feet warm while remaining breathable.

Also gone with the summer are the prevalent no show socks. As you move into the cooler months, higher cut socks become more popular. No one wants to rake leaves wearing no show socks. When looking at all the major brands, you’ll find your favorite no show socks often have higher cut models available. In fact, since I became enamored with my Feetures No Show with Tab socks over the summer, I just picked up a couple Feetures Crew Cut styles for this fall.

Feetures actually isn’t a bad option for the fall either � despite not having the Merino wool cozy factor. Feetures are a real soft, hug-fitting and just straight up comfortable.

Let me describe to you the current weather outside our office: It’s rainy and the temperature is in the 50s. This weather pretty much sums up the fall season for us here. The socks I’ll be wearing throughout these next few months will be something that combats the rain (moisture-wicking) and will keep my feet warm when I’m outside but won’t feel sauna-like warm when I’m inside. Both brands I mentioned previously are great for this, along with others such as Wigwam, Fox River and others.

JimBenson_OceanShoresJan2007 048.jpg
Warming Drawers

Image by ourfounder
Then pan sear the steak. I pan seared it and (forgot to photograph) let sit in the warming drawer while I was making the scallops. The warming drawer sits at about 200 degrees. So I put it in there while the inside of the steak was still quite rare.

Question by charles: Can I cure beef jerky in a warming drawer? ?

Best answer:

Answer by 517
Yes, a warming drawer would be an appropriate place to cure beef jerky!

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

It wasn’t that long ago that kitchen appliances were a rather pedestrian affair. There were the three standards — refrigerator, stove with built-in oven, and dishwasher and they came in three finishes — white, black, and stainless steel. Fortunately that’s all changed now and there’s a wide variety of options to choose from, including a whole generation of exotic new appliance types. I’m talking about warming drawers, sauce drawers, dishwasher drawers, refrigerator drawers, beverage cooler, wine refrigerators, steam ovens, fryers, and coffee stations. Taken individually, these new appliances are marvelous and can make your busy life easier and better. The two pre-requisites to garnering these benefits, of course, are that you really need whatever functionality the new appliance provides and that, if purchased, you will actually use it on a regular basis. In our experience too many people get seduced into over-buying appliances when designing their new kitchen and end up with a lot of seldom used shiny products that consume too much of the overall budget and take up too much valuable storage and counter space. In many cases, too many appliances can actually inhibit the functionality of the kitchen. We call it the appliance bling trap and it should be avoided at all costs. To learn more, watch the video of John and Matthew discussing how you can decide which of these new breed of appliances are right for your new kitchen.
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