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NewAir AI-200w Portable Countertop Ice Maker With 35 Pound Daily Ice Making CapacityReviews

October 22, 2011

NewAir AI-200w Portable Countertop Ice Maker With 35 Pound Daily Ice Making Capacity

  • Makes fresh ice cubes in approximately 7 minutes!
  • Portable countertop size lets you place the unit anywhere
  • Maintenance and clean-up are easy and quick
  • Features easy-to-use electronic controls
  • Makes up to 12 pieces of ice per cycle

The NewAir AI-200W produces up to 35 pounds of ice, making it perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor occasions! This portable countertop ice maker features a high-quality European design that fits perfectly onto tables and countertops.

High-Quality Materials
The AI-200W is made with a newly designed pump housing, compressor systems, and commerical-grade stainless steel for extra durability.

Makes Ice Faster
The portable ice maker produces each cycle of ice (12 pieces) in about 7 to 13 minutes!

Produces More Ice Per Day
The NewAir AI-200W makes up to 35 pounds of ice per day, which is perfect for parties, BBQs, picnics, family gatherings, or even just residential use.

Easy to Use
The countertop icemaker only needs electricity and tap or bottled water to operate.

Electronic Controls
You can adjust the settings of the NewAir AI-200W portable countertop ice maker with its easy-to-use electronic controls.

Price: $ 195.00

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