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GE Profile : PP989DNBB 30 Electric Cooktop, Downdraft, Smoothtop � Black

October 22, 2011

GE Profile : PP989DNBB 30 Electric Cooktop, Downdraft, Smoothtop – Black

  • Powerful exhaust system effectively pulls smoke and steam out of the kitchen.
  • A smooth cooktop surface makes cleaning quick and easy.
  • Provide powerful heat beneath a smooth glass surface to ensure even heat and fast warm-up times.
  • Combines three cooktop elements into one large cooking area, ideal for oversized cooking pans.
  • Accomodates various-size pots or pans and 3,000 watts of power speeds the boiling process.

GE Consumer and Industrial spans the globe as an industry leader in major appliance lighting and integrated industrial equipment systems and services They provide solutions for commercial industrial and residential use in more than 100 countries whic…

Price: $ 1,099.00

Maytag Range Cooktop #74004424, Y12002117 New Item!

US $82.31
End Date: Saturday Oct-22-2011 12:42:38 PDT
Buy It Now for only: US $82.31
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Maytag Range Cooktop #74011724 New Factory Part !!

US $40.63
End Date: Saturday Oct-22-2011 12:43:41 PDT
Buy It Now for only: US $40.63
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Why Cooktops May Be The Right Fit For Your Kitchen

If you are looking for a way to save space in your kitchen, while also being able to cook efficiently, you may want to consider cooktops. Cooktops provide several different features which may be beneficial to you if you are wanting to save space in your kitchen. To better understand how cooktops could be the right solution for your kitchen situation, let’s go over some of the key components that cooktops have.

The first component that cooktops have that may make them a possible solution is the fact that cooktops are separated from an oven unit. This means that the cooktops can be installed into any countertop, regardless of its proximity to the oven unit. This component of the cooktops allows for freedom when it comes to a kitchen remodel, or design change. Having the ability to install cooktops separate from the oven can give you several options when it comes to kitchen layout and storage space. This cooktops component alone helps to make cooktops a great fit for those that are considering a kitchen remodel.

Another key component to cooktops deals with the cooking preferences that many people have. Some people like to cook with gas, while others like to cook with electricity. Cooktops come in both cooking types, which allow the cooktops to be a great fit for any cook. In fact, many people will install cooktops right next to their oven just so that they can have the best of both worlds when it comes to gas and electric cooking. By adding cooktops to your kitchen, you not only are expanding your cooking capacity, but the cooktops will not affect the drawers or cabinet space underneath your counter tops. Many people find this feature of cooktops to make cooktops a great alternative to the traditional stove/oven combination.


For those that like easy cleaning, cooktops may provide this luxury. Depending on the cooktops that you buy, some cooktops come with removable range parts. These removable range parts can make the cleaning of the cooktops a breeze. Some cooktops have dishwasher safe parts that can be removed, which allow you to use the dishwasher to clean the parts of the cooktops. If you value easy cleaning options, make sure to do some research on different cooktops in order to know which ones offer these potential cleaning benefits.

Cooktops also come in many different styles and colors. These different types of cooktops ensure that you will be able to select cooktops that match your kitchen style, or that meet the style preferences that you are looking for. Cooktops also come in different sizes which allow for easy integration into your current kitchen layout and design.

As you can see, cooktops can be the right fit for your kitchen once you have determined what your needs are. Cooktops provide some potential space saving benefits, as well as potential cleaning ease. Make sure to do some research on different cooktops in order to determine the features that you want and need. This will ensure that your cooktops purchase will meet your kitchen and cooking needs.


busy cooktop: dinner and preserving

Image by cafemama

Question by Amy S: Are hoods legally required over island cooktops?
Looking to redo my kitchen and would love to add an island with a cooktop. I don’t want that huge hood hanging down in the middle of my kitchen though. Are hoods legally required over cooktops? I live in Pittsburgh PA if that makes a difference.

Best answer:

Answer by mamylicious26
LOL I asked the same thing about a couple of weeks ago…They said its not a problem. Im not going to use it, I hate the big thing hanging, you can even have a conversation with it in the middle. Be prepared to have windows open etc, make it airy, so the smell of the food doesnt linger, my cabinets dont come for another 3 weeks so I cant tell how it would look, but im thinking itll be really nice. The problem with the downdraft system is that you have to have the right installation, break the floor etc. Otherwise would be the perfect solution, I love htem but too much work to instll

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