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Samsung RF4287HARS Review � Are its Four Doors any Good?

October 21, 2011

My Personal Samsung RF4287HARS Review

a href=” rf4287hars reviewThis will be a revealing review about the Samsung RF4287HARS Four French Door Refrigerator. This fridge is gaining immense popularity recently due to its design and special features, so I decided to review it and provide an honest insight into what to expect from this Samsung refrigerator. If you are looking to get some information of how this fridge performs in the daily life, then read on. I have compiled this review from the actual user reviews and not just the company listed specifications and features. Those manuals and books from the company usually no useful information for me. I will sum up the whole review in the second paragraph below from where you can click the image or the “Blue” read more button to go and read the actual user reviews and check out the discounts etc.
samsung rf4287hars

As always when shopping for appliances I had a completely different model in mind when I happened upon this one. The price was right so I decided to take a closer look at it. I was a little worried that I would not like the design of the Samsung refrigerator with the four doors, but I love it. It does not take up a lot of room in my kitchen, but it is perfect for all the food I have to keep. It keeps everything my family needs to get through the work week neatly and organized. I love knowing where everything is in the refrigerator; it saves a lot of time. I have a lot of mouths to feed and I need to be able to go right to ingredients and get dinner on the table.

Samsung RF4287HARS Review – Initial Conclusion and Big Discount

samsung rf4287harsMy first thought was it is very roomy for a fridge that does not appear to take up that much space. I like that it has flexible temperature in certain drawers to control different types of food temperatures. This refrigerator was just under $3000.00 with delivery and everything. It came quickly and was up and running. You will pay a lot more for one of such good quality if you purchase it from a manufacturer.
Click below or the image on left side to read the Samsung RF4287HARS reviews.
samsung rf4287hars


Benefits of a Samsung RF4287HARS and Features compared to other refrigerators in 2011

Some things that the Samsung RF4287Hars has going for it over other models are the energy saving features, water filter, and the LED light. The refrigerator has an alarm that sounds if you leave the door open. The LED light not only lights the entire refrigerator equally, but it emits a lot less energy than a normal bulb. The water dispenser gives you great filtered water as well as crushed and cubed ice.

Samsung RF4287HARS Review – Things to Improve Features

Some things that could be improved is that the ice maker could be a little larger, it fills up and you may not have enough ice if you have lots of people over, it also makes a very loud noise when it drops the ice. Another thing that is not ideal is the control panel is a little iffy. Sometimes it freezes or does not respond to my touch. Overall the refrigerator is excellent but there can always be improvements.
samsung rf4287hars

Samsung RF4287HARS Review – Final Conclusion and Big Discount

In conclusion I will say that I am very pleased with the refrigerator. It looks great in my kitchen and is roomy enough for everything we need to put in it. The ice maker and the temperature controlled drawer are nice added perks. Getting the refrigerator was a great idea because I saved a lot of money then if I would have gotten it at retail. Being able to purchase this refrigerator at just under $3000.00 is a steal. I am thrilled with the quality of product I got for such a good price. I highly recommend the Samsung RF4287HARS to anyone looking for a good design and useful functions loaded refrigerator.

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