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Frigidaire FFU12F2HW 12.1 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer � White Reviews

October 18, 2011

Frigidaire FFU12F2HW 12.1 Cu. Ft. Upright Freezer – White

  • Adjustable Temperature Control.
  • Adjustable Leg Levelers. Pocket Handle. White Finish

Use this 121 cu ft capacity freezer to store frozen dinners ice cream and more and ensure you have enough food on hand when you need it

List Price: $ 559.00

Price: $ 559.00

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Freezers- A Very Useful Appliance

To describe in a very simple way, freezer is any appliance which keeps the external heat of the environment away for efficient food storage. There can be several different types of appliances which might fall into this category. However, for any appliance to be a freezer, it has to be capable to keep the temperature inside the unit at just below the freezing point. The temperature maintained inside such units is generally anywhere from 0 �F or -18 �C which helps keeping the contents of the fridge frozen.

Domestic Freezers

At any type of freezer sale, the most widely seen models would be the domestic freezers. These are very widely used in almost all households all over the world. This type of an appliance has separate compartments for storing food items. They have their own cooling mechanism which generally runs on Freon Gas for the cooling.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing Domestic Freezers

Today, any freezer sale would have more than a dozen players and brands which churn out high efficient and technologically advanced units. However, there are a few factors which should be considered by homeowners before they purchase a freezer from a freezer sale. The first thing to consider is the space which is available inside the freezer. A larger sized freezer would allow more food items to be stored. Quite a lot of families tend to go for the upright style freezers since they occupy less space.


Also, another major consideration when purchasing freezers is the number of cabinets or compartments which are available inside the freezer. There should be different compartments so that the food items can be stored in an organized fashion. This also makes it easy to retrieve the food items when they are needed. There should be proper racks for storing different sized packets and bottles. Today, there are even adjustable racks and compartments in freezers so that the users can adjust them according to their requirements.

Industrial Freezers

When it comes to industrial freezers, there are different types of freezers available at freezer sale. The requirement of industries and commercial establishments is totally different when it comes to freezers. They require large freezers which allow them the maximum storage space since they have to store a very high amount of food items. At any freezer sale, the commercial freezers would be typically very large in size and would have high storage capacity. The main styles which can be seen in commercial freezers are chest freezers, explosion proof freezers, lab freezers and display freezers.

These units can be used for several different purposes in commercial establishments. Today every single restaurant, café, snack bar, pub etc. would have a freezer or at least some type of refrigeration unit. In food industries like fishing the requirements of such units is even higher. �

Freezers are thus quite useful and interesting since there are versatile forms of these units which can be found. Today the freezers make use of the latest technologies in order to make food storage more efficient. Technologies like frost free and energy saving units have become quite popular with users.

Freezer Tetris 8285

Image by mliu92
Freezer Tetris: You pack and pack yet it’s the game no one wins. See also Storage Unit Tetris, Garage Tetris, Shed Tetris, Attic Tetris, Spare Room Tetris.

blog entry

Question by A H: Older freezers developed a coating of ice?
Older freezers developed a coating of ice inside that had to be melted periodically; an electric heater could speed this defrosting process. Suppose you’re melting ice from your freezer using a heating wire that carries a current of 5.2 A when connected to 120V .

What is the resistance of the wire?
How long will it take the heater to melt 840 g of accumulated ice at -10degress celsius ? Assume that all of the heat goes into warming and melting the ice, and that the melt water runs out and doesn’t warm further.

Best answer:

Answer by Leo & Sue S
That’s simple. We have what is call frost free refrigerators. They heat them self up to just above 32F to melt away the ice every day. It is on a timer witch most Models you can set and it is best to have it defrost at night when you are sleeping so you don’t have soft ice cream in the middle of the day. No wire not 840 g melting. It even evaporates the ice melt when the heat pump comes on to cool the freezer.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Steve Thompson, President of Emery Thompson Machine demonstrates how to make Tirimisu Gelato on the Emery Thompson CB-350 6-Quart countertop batch freezer. This machine features our exclusive Infinite Overrun Control (IOC) making it ideal for producing a complete range of frozen desserts, from Old-Fashioned American Hard Ice Cream to Artisan Gelato, Italian and Water Ices, Sorbets and Sorbettos – all using just one machine! The full line of 12, 24 and 44-Quart Batch Freezers (the World’s Largest!) are also shown. Emery Thompson invented the modern day batch freezer 105 years ago and they continue to be 100% Made in Brooksville, Florida USA

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