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Wonder Washer

October 16, 2011

Wonder Washer

Wonder Clean is the ideal washing machine to use in any place. It is virtually for everyone. It washes in the same way as the best electrical washing machine, but it does it so much more quickly and easily. How it works: It is neither MIRACLE nor MAGIC – It is SCIENCE. The principle of operation is based on the physics laws of pressure and heat. The hot water heats the air inside the container. The heated air ”tries” to expand but is prevented so by the hermetically sealed container. When the expansion of the air is prevented, the result is that the pressure is built up inside the container. This pressure causes the soap and water to penetrate forcefully through the garment and the stains are released. Turning the container causes the previously released stain to be removed from the garment. Useful information: Temperature and fabric chart: Delicate fabrics 80-90� F/Luke warm. Nylon and white color synthetics 100-1110� F/warm. White synthetics and cotton blends: 115-125� F/Hand hot. Colorfast cottons and linens 135-145� F/Hot. White cottons and linens 190-195� F/very hot.


Washer Dryer Combos–Great For A Limited Space

.Washer dryer combos make effective use of the small space available in some laundry areas since only one machine is needed instead of two. These appliances combine the wash and dry operations into just one machine and thus save space. These combination machines are known as “washer dryer combos” or as “all in one washer dryers” and are designed to carry out both functions in one machine. They are roughly the size of an ordinary washing machine but some models can be as small as a compact washer. Their advantage is a saving in space required.

Washer dryer combos have custom cycles, temperature and water controls and ventless drying capability. They have lower overall performance than two separate machines and are not as efficient in use. A big advantage is the compact size which allows use where two separate units cannot be fitted in. This compactness makes them popular with apartment or condo dwellers and even for use in mobile homes or RVs.

Some consumers do not understand the difference between a washer dryer combo and ordinary laundry machines.Laundry equipment including washer dryers sets, laundry centers and stackable sets consist of two machines instead of one combined appliance.The main attraction is that one machine does the work of two and takes up less space.There is a certain performance disadvantage but this is outweighed by the small space occupied.They are used with satisfaction by many users who have only a small space to house them.

The main advantage of the combination machine is small size. They are very suitable for condos, apartments and mobile homes which have limited laundry space available. Dryer venting is not necessary since hot air from the drier is pushed into the outer drum where moisture condenses and is drained into a plumbing fixture or the laundry sink.Casters make movement of the appliance easy and a permanent water hookup is not needed.

The fairly small capacity of these machines and the necessity that the dryer does not handle a full washer load of clothes is a major disadvantage. A single washer load will need two dryer loads to dry it. Mainly resulting from the complex design washer dryer combos cannot be made highly efficient. They also consume more water and more power than an ordinary washer dryer set does.However these appliances are becoming more popular, since the small dimensions and easy portabilty outweigh the disadvantages for some users.Only a few manufacturers make them so choice is limited also.

Day 16: conversation starter, part 2
Washers & Dryers

Image by cathyse97
As it turns out, the local laundromat is a conversation starter as well. No, they don't have Trivial Pursuit cards on the washers and dryers. But I walked in today to wash two comforters, with the hopes of also getting some sermon work done. Before I set my bag down, a very friendly young woman began talking to me… and with the exception of about 15 minutes alone in the laundromat, I was in conversation the whole time.

I was a bit frustrated at first. I really wanted to get some work done. But after about 20 minutes, I realized that this would be futile. The laundromat was a place to connect, to listen, to share. I'm grateful that we have a washer and dryer at home. But I'm also grateful for the opportunity to hang out with some people I would not have met, if I had tried to stuff my large comforter in our washing machine downstairs.

Question by fireflyez: What’s the deal with the pedestals for front loading washers and dryers?
Do I need to buy the pedestals that are extra with the new models of front loading washers and dryers? I’ve seen on some models that they help with the vibrating, which for some models can be pretty rocky.

Best answer:

Answer by Mom of 2 great boys
From what I was told, it was used for storage and to raise the unit up so that you don’t have to bend so far down.


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Whirlpool’s new Vantage washers and dryers have apps to help you get out stains. And its Cabrio top-loader, also on display at the 2010 International Builders’ Show, is more energy efficient than ever. Learn more about home appliances on our web site

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