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Article Marketing Robot Review- Additional Bonuses and Discount!

October 16, 2011

Article Marketing Robot is an article marketing, spinning and submission tool that is fully automated. Not only does it have an article spinner with a built in “mass replacer” feature, it also automatically creates hundreds of article directory accounts for you with one click. It also has an automated backlink building tool that assists with driving traffic to your website. Once search engines discover your articles, you'll begin to climb to the top of the page rankings.

Of course, if you don't try Article Marketing Robot you'll:

* Spend countless hours rewriting thousands of articles to submit a different and unique one to each directory.
* Manually sign up for each article directory. Don't forget that you have to remember logins and passwords, not to mention that it's extremely time-consuming.
* Spend time confirming emails from article directories which could take hours.

Benefits of Article Marketing Robot

* A contextual thesaurus that allows users to quickly find synonyms that relate to the keyword or other words you're looking for.
* With AMR's spin syntax feature, you can easily rewrite hundreds of articles and submit a unique one to each directory.
* A scheduled article submission function allows users to set when to submit articles, the number of article directories to submit to and as much of the article content as you want.
* Article Marketing Robot has a CAPTCHA feature that automatically fills the validation text for you. No more sitting at your computer and waiting to fill in funny looking text.
* The mass replacer, an automated feature, rewrites your articles fast. Never search for a synonym again.
* Article Marketing Robot automatically registers you for all article directories with solved CAPTCHAS. No more entering your login and password details again.
* With the automated email confirmation, click once and all the registration confirmation emails are confirmed. This one feature alone will save you tons of time from having to manually confirm each email.

How Does It Work?

The best feature of Article Marketing Robot is that it is fully automated. When you first download the demo software you receive 16 free article directories. You'll have to establish an email account off of your website domain, since article directories do not recognize free email accounts like Gmail or Hotmail. Signup to the article directories was a piece of cake. I mean I just highlighted the article account and then selected the “all” button beneath the article directories list and I was signed up in seconds. And that's just the demo, imagine what you could accomplish with the full software package.

When I downloaded the demo for Article Marketing Robot, I literally submitted an article, received immediate confirmation, which I confirmed with one click, and then published to my blog and all use-submitted sites within 5 minutes. What a time-saver!

This is the ultimate, all-in-one tool for spinning, submitting and publishing keyword-dense articles to multiple sites. Once you use it, you'll never go back to manual article submission again.
In Conclusion

Currently, Article Marketing Robot has a reduced price. I really don't know how long this reduced rate will last, but its full price was $197 and now it's available for $87. With all its features plus full automation, the Article Marketing Robot will pay for itself in the first two weeks.

Click Here To Try Article Marketing Robot

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