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Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender

October 13, 2011

Linksys RE1000 Wireless-N Range Extender

  • Broad compatibility with b/g/n Wi-Fi devices
  • Extended range with multiple antennas
  • Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) port to connect wired devices
  • Flexible wall or desktop placement options
  • Ideal for enjoying added in-home mobility
  • Ideal for easily connecting an Internet ready TV or Blu-ray player
  • Ideal for surfing the web, gaming, and chatting online in hard-to-reach areas

Easily increase wireless network coverage throughout your home. Also works as a bridge to instantly connect wired devices to your network. Recommended for easily increasing the range of your current wireless router and network. The Linksys RE1000 works seamlessly with all b/g/n Wi-Fi devices so you can connect all of the computers and devices around your home. For best performance, pair with any Wireless-N router. Built with leading 802.11n wireless technology, the Linksys RE1000 provides reliable performance. Multiple MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) antennas extend your router's wireless coverage into hard-to-reach areas of your home. Wall outlet or desktop placement options allow you to optimize the location and position of your RE1000 to achieve best possible range and performance. QoS traffic prioritization technology is designed to deliver your time-sensitive Internet traffic efficiently so you can enjoy smooth video, music streaming, and gaming performance. Includes a built-in Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) port, which works as a wireless bridge to instantly connect any wired Ethernet device to your network. The included setup wizard makes installation quick and easy. By recommending the best distance to place the range extender from your router you can achieve optimal coverage and performance. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup button is designed to make connecting devices to your range extender push-button simple and more secure.

List Price: $ 89.99

Price: $ 79.99

1975 Our Public Lands Magazine: Western Game Ranges

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British Guiana Cyprus Gibraltar Gilbert H.Kong GVI/QE Used Ranges (200+ Items)

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Range Training Guide

�Range is one of the three methods of Combat in Runescape. Ranging has the advantages of being able to hit foes from long distances and with great speed. Coupled with a Rune 2H, ranging can be turned into a KO combat method.

This guide teaches you how to get your ranging level up using different methods based on your financial position, all in a step-by-step manner for different range level tiers.

Level 1-10:

All you can equip at level one range is a regular bow. Get yourself a short bow for ranging, and about 200 Iron Arrows. For ranging gear, obtain: Amulet of Power, Cowl, Vambraces, Leather Chaps, Leather Body. Since you’ll hit level 5 Range in this location, you might want to have a Oak Short Bow handy. You don’t have to worry too much about obtain the leather gear, as you will outgrow soon with your ranging level.

1. Training on Chicken – Since you are just a beginner with range, you won’t be able to hit too accurately, nor will you be able to hit too high. It’s best to stick with chicken barns located in Lumbridge and Fallydor.

If you need money, you could collect their feathers and bones and sell them on the GE. Feathers go for about 4-5 GP each and Bones go for about 90 Rs Money each.

When you reach ranging level 5, switch to Oak Shortbow.

�Level 10-25:

�1. Cows – Cows are great for training range on once you reached level 10. There are cow barns in Lumbridge, Fallydor, and the Crafting Guild. You could choose to stand outside of the gate and range the cows if you don’t want to get hit, or you can allows take them head on. Either way, you could recover your arrows easily.


You can make a lot of money collecting the Cowhides and Bones that cows drop. Cowhides go for over 120 GP EACH on the Grand Exchange, and Bones for about 90. If you wish to do that, it’s best to train at the Gnome Copter cows area because there is a deposit box there.

2. Monks – If you’re short on food and you need to train, head over to the monastery located west of Edgeville. The monks there are relatively weak against Ranging, and they will give you a free heal as long as you are not in combat with one, so there’s really no need to hide behind any obstacle. At level 20 ranging you have access to Willow Short Bow, Studded Range Armor, and Cowls.

�Level 25-40

1. Minotaurs – There’s ample minotaurs in the stronghold of security, and they are out of harms way if you stand behind the fence. The other advantage of this place is that they drop iron arrows, so you are likely to never worry about running out.

2. Scorpions – A great place for those who prefer an obstacle between themselves and their enemies is the Al-Kharid Mine Pit with the scorpions inside of them. Just stand outside of the mine in the higher area looking down upon the mine, and fire away! The only down side is that it is difficult to reclaim your arrows.

3. Rock Crabs (Members) – Rock crabs are good for all three combat training. They are great to train on because they only hit 1′s, but have a whopping 50HP. This means you don’t have to constantly kill and enemy and then click on another in a rather short period of time. And unlike the other two methods above, you can pick up your arrows since the crabs are right in front of you. You could continue training on these even to level 60 ranging if you like. When you hit 30 Range, use a Maple Shortbow. If you are a member, complete the Animal Magnetism quest for Ava’s Accumulator, which picks up your arrows for you!

�Level 40-60

�If you just reached 40 Range then this is a most exciting time, because you can wear Green Dragonhide Armour! If you are a member, then you have access to the Yew Long Bow.

1. Edgeville Guards – Go to Edgeville and cross the Wilderness ditch near the General Store area. Once you are across the ditch, it will serve as a nice barrier between you and the guards that respawn near the Wilderness ditch. If you need to get your arrows, just hop over the ditch, collect, and hop back to continue training.

2. Hill Giants – If you need money, Hill Giants have great drops that include a constant drop of Big Bones (400 Rs Money each) and a common drop of Limpwurt Roots (700 GP each). You need a brass key to access a room with a ladder that leads down to the Giants’ dungeon. There are multiple ranging spots and obstacles to hide behind. 3. Flesh Crawlers – Flesh Crawlers are interesting because they are aggressive (automatically attacks) and can only deal one damage. So if you have homework to do, and don’t want to keep clicking on your enemies, just train in a room full of flesh crawlers located at the South East corner of the Stronghold of Security (2nd floor, the dusty looking one).

3. Rock Crabs (Members) – You can continue training here (read above in level 25-40). Members: At 50 Range, buy a Magic Short Bow and Blue Dragon Hide Armour. If you can, get Archer’s Helm.

Range Rover EFI V8 Dakar rear

Image by kenjonbro
Range Rover EFi based Dakar on/off-roader. As seen on TV used by Anneka Rice in the ‘Challenge Anneka’ TV programme when her Volkswagen Beetle based beech buggy kept on breaking down.

Question by mak: Where can I find a site with maps that include mountain ranges which are natural international borders?
It also needs to list the names of the mountain ranges and the countries, not just a topographical map.

Best answer:

Answer by Dayummadeulook
google earth, you can have bird eye view or satellite view and have a view from the out side of the world, and zoom in until you cool with what you want to see. You have to download it into your desktop too, you can also use it for directions.

Add your own answer in the comments!

See how to use the OFFSET function for two different types of dynamic ranges for a chart: 1)Dynamic Range that adds latest records 2)Dynamic Range that shows only last 4 Months of data Learn about named formulas that use OFFSET function to create dynamic ranges and see how to insert named ranges into a chart. Learn about the OFFSETs 5 arguments: 1)Starting point 2)How many rows (up or down) do you want to move the starting point? 3)How many columns (left or right) do you want to move the starting point? 4)How tall is the range? 5)How wide is the range?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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