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Frigidaire FGB24L2AB 24 Single Gas Wall Oven � Black

October 13, 2011

Frigidaire FGB24L2AB 24 Single Gas Wall Oven – Black

  • FGB24L2AB 24″ Gas Wall Oven – Single Oven, Manual Clean

The glide out lower broiler drawer on this wall oven allows you to broil food without interfering with the baking and roasting abilities of the oven saving you time The EasySet controls are simple to use and make operating the oven easy

List Price: $ 949.00

Price: $ 949.00

Finding the Perfect Wall Oven for Your Kitchen

For those of you who enjoy cooking or baking, purchasing Kitchen Aid appliances, particularly the KitchenAid wall oven, is a must.


The KitchenAid wall oven is a space saver, so if you have an already relatively small space, this built-in wall oven will not eat up a lot of it. The oven is built-in, with cabinets above and under it. The cabinets offer a lot of space for your baking and cooking equipment.


The KitchenAid wall oven is clearly a high quality, high performance kitchen assistant. Using advanced technology, the KitchenAid wall oven has an even-heat True convection system, so you can be sure that the heat is thoroughly circulated, even, and just about right.



This technology enables you to cook your food more quickly, and easily, and if you are baking cookies, you do not have to switch sheets from one rack to the other.


This kitchen appliance comes in several colors, so whatever your kitchen décor may be, you can find a KitchenAid wall oven to match it perfectly.


Those who have certain disabilities may also find a true friend in kitchen home appliances such as this KitchenAid wall oven. It is user friendly, and it can be installed at your preferred height.�


Once you have decided that you are getting kitchen home appliances, like the KitchenAid wall oven, have your exact measurements ready. Keep in mind that as the appliance is going to be built-in, the measurements need to be precise.


Also, if cooking is really your passion and you would like to have two ovens, a double wall oven is a good choice if you have enough space.�


Another thing you have to decide on is whether or not you want your KitchenAid wall oven to run either in gas or electricity.


Gas wall ovens are generally cheaper, but you have limited choices when it comes to sizes or manufacturers. Electric ovens, on the other hand, come in several styles, sizes, and even colors.


Choose your kitchen home appliances wisely; go for only the best, like the KitchenAid wall oven.

Pink Whirlpool Wall Oven
Wall Ovens

Image by SportSuburban
In a house I had looked at, and it had a matching pink range and boomerang-patterned formica counter-tops! I’ve always loved the cabinets like this, and even the pulls are cool! This kitchen was amazing.

Question by Lily: Building and I want two ovens. Should I get a wall oven and an oven/range, or a double oven range?
I really like the stand-alone double oven but I’m not sure what other people think of them. It’s more expensive, and the second oven is small, but I don’t cook THAT much.

I’d be able to have more counter top space with the double stand-alone oven.
Anybody have any experience with this?

Best answer:

Answer by Frap Girl
Double ovens are making a huge comeback. But they usually are the wall kind so you have a regular oven/range as well.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

In this video we show you the components of DCS Professional wall ovens. Visit to learn more about DCS appliances.
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