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Wine Cellar Design Reviews

October 12, 2011

Wine Cellar Design

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Over 300 images of wine cellars immerse you into the stylish and impressive world of today’s vintage connoisseur. A wine cellar is becoming a standard feature of today’s luxury home. The ability to invest in fine wines, to age them properly, and to have them on hand for entertaining is a luxury more people can afford. This book is packed with ideas and technical information for designing safe, stylish, beautiful wine cellars. Essays by leading designers and a section detailing the proper construction of a wine cellar make this an invaluable reference.

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Building a Wine Cellar in a Basement

A wine cellar is a room that create the perfect environment for wines. Wines don’t like heat, light and low humidity so it’s imperative to store wine properly. A well-constructed wine cellar is intended to protect against the three traditional enemies of wine in bottles: heat, light and a dry environment. A good wine cellar stores the wine at a constant low temperature, with a decent amount of humidity, and in darkness.

A wine cellar is a climate controlled room used to store and age wine. Building a wine cellar of your own is the best way to create the ideal environment for your wine. Restaurants typically store all of their wine bottles in a cellar and these conditions can be replicated at home.

Frequently, a vineyard wine cellar is located completely or partially underground, and often constructed in a manner that allows direct contact to the surrounding soil through a gap in the foundations.

Building your own wine cellar is the ideal way to keep your wine at perfect temperature while allowing it to mature and age as intended by the winemaker. You can enhance your cellar with wine racks, which are ideal for display in a home or for a business. Building a wine cellar is an investment designed to protect the valuable asset that is your wine collection.


Building a wine cellar
Two-by-six construction is recommended to allow for thicker R-19 insulation, allowing the cellar to remain at a consistent temperature. A wine cellar is a good investment in your wine collection and will also improve the value of your home. To lay some bottles down to store for a longer period of time, a cellar is the perfect spot.

Insulation is one of the most important aspects in maintaining a stable temperature within the cellar. R-19 insulation is the minimum requirement and fiberglass or extruded polystyrene insulation both work well. The insulation can generally be installed between the studs in a stud wall and between the joists in the ceiling. Before installing the insulation it will be necessary to add a vapor barrier of 6mm poly plastic to the warm side of the cellar.

In a climate controlled wine cellar, important factors such as temperature and humidity are maintained by a wine cellar cooling system. Building a wine cellar is more than simply choosing a basement location where it’s cool most of the time – all you need is one super hot day to ruin your entire collection!

Building a wine cellar becomes a unique expression of your personality and deciding to build a wine cellar in the basement is only the beginning of your enjoyment. A wine cellar is a perfect place for the enjoyment of wine. What’s more sophisticated than building a home wine cellar?

A wine cellar is generally a lower temperature environment compared with its surrounding living spaces and therefore must be treated differently in relation to those spaces. Wine cellar cooling units have been designed specifically with the the science of wine cooling in mind and the special attributes involved.

2003 Christmas House Wine Cellar
Wine Cellars

Image by Gatsby’s List
Wine Cellar of Atlanta Children’s Theater 2003 Christmas House constructed by Beecham Builders

Question by no name now.: If people keep wine in cellars, does that mean it never expires?
im always hearing about the aging of wine…like keeping it in cellars, for long time. this whole “fine wine” thing.

i dont drink, so i know nothing about alcohol and im curious to know. does wine, at least the kind you would put in a cellar, expire at some point? how long can they be kept down there?

Best answer:

Answer by K.K (313)
no it doesnt expire the older the better.

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