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Sunpentown UF-311W Energy Star 3-Cubic-Foot Upright Freezer, White

October 12, 2011

Sunpentown UF-311W Energy Star 3-Cubic-Foot Upright Freezer, White

  • Upright 3-cubic-foot freezer with a space-saving flush back design
  • 4 pullout baskets help keep food organized and easily accessible
  • Ice-cube tray; lock and key; reversible door; front leveling legs
  • Mechanical adjustable thermostat; manual defrost; Energy Star rated
  • Measures 19-1/2 by 19-5/6 by 34 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Compact, flush back design offers 3.0 -Cu-Ft. of storage, perfect for with tight spaces. Reversible doors offer versatility. Features 4 pull out drawers, adjustable thermostat, lock and key

List Price: $ 399.99

Price: $ 261.93

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Top Tips on Freezers to Meet You’re Demanding Needs

With our busy lifestyles being able to do grocery shopping monthly rather than weekly or every day saves us time and gives us more time to relax and spend time with the family.

What we don’t realise is what an important appliance freezers are, choosing the right size freezer can make the world of difference to any household and enables us to freeze more food than the freezer compartment of a fridge freezer.

With freezers we can store lots of frozen goods and this is why choosing the right one can make all the difference.� When choosing freezers we need to determine the size we need, brand we want and colour that will complement the kitchen.

Chest freezers are increasingly popular and don’t have to be placed in the kitchen. Many people place their chest freezers in the utility room or garage and use it as a backup for the freezer compartment of their fridge freezers.

Chest freezers have access from the top but hold very large portions at any given time and are the ideal solution for the larger household.� Available in various sizes you can find the one that meets your family’s demanding needs without any hassle.


If you’re living in a compact home and only have an under counter fridge, finding an under counter freezer to keep your frozen goods is a practical choice.� The perfect solution for the compact kitchen, under counter freezers are available in black, white or graphite colours and have handy freezer drawers to store all your frozen goods with ease.

Larger households with large kitchens can benefit from upright freezers.� These freezers look like fridges except that are filled with freezer drawers; often the drawers have clear fronts for easy viewing.� Upright freezers come in white, silver or graphite colours and are guaranteed to blend in with any kitchen design.� The benefit is if you already have a fridge you can match the two together to keep your kitchen uniform and colour coded.

Upright freezers have large capacities and can hold a vast amount of food at any given time, which makes them the perfect choice for larger households with demanding families.

Upright freezers are also known as larder freezers, as they offer you many shelves and ample storage space, much like a larder of a kitchen.� If you are looking for ways to reduce your grocery shopping days and meet the needs of your family, upright freezers or chest freezers are the solution you have been looking for.

When choosing freezers it’s best to take the amount of frozen goods you intend purchasing at any given time and then determine the size that will best suit your family’s needs.� If you intend buying in bulk, these standalone appliances can definitely help you and remember buying in bulk reduces your grocery shopping costs, so they can be seen as a money saving appliance.

Whether you live in a compact home with minimal kitchen space or a larger home with a huge kitchen, you are guaranteed to find the freezer to meet your needs at Ultimate Appliances.

Freezer Penguin

Image by TFDuesing
One night I went to visit some friends of mine in the penthouse of Jester West and decided to take a peek in their freezer. This is what I saw. The story is the same. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Question by Lisa O: Does anyone else like to eat the frost from the old freezers that you have to defrost yourself?
Since I was a little girl I’ve loved to eat the frost from the old freezers that you had to defrost. My mom always told me not to that it was bad for me. I still love it and crave it. Sometimes I will scrape a whole bowl full and eat it with a spoon. I know it sounds crazy. Has anyone ever heard of this and do you know if it is bad for you? Thank you so much.

Best answer:

Answer by Eliot N
No, I don’t care for it, and on the few occasions I’ve tasted the ice, it always tastes terrible. I don’t think that it’s actually going to hurt you but it’s certainly not a habit I’d advise.

What do you think? Answer below!

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