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Frigidaire FFEW2725LS 27 Single Electric Wall Oven � Stainless Steel

October 10, 2011

Frigidaire FFEW2725LS 27 Single Electric Wall Oven – Stainless Steel

  • FFEW2725LS 27″ Electric Single Wall Oven w/3.5Cu. Ft. Self Clean Ovens

The FFEW2725LS Frigidaire 27″ Single Electric Wall Oven features an attractive stainless steel exterior and offers convenience with its Ready-Select Controls and Auto Shut-Off function.APPEARANCEA.D.A. CompliantExtra Large Visualite™ WindowStainless Steel Finish w/ Black TrimStainless Steel Towel Bar HandleCAPACITY3.5 Cu Ft Oven CapacityOVEN FEATURES2300W 4-Pass Bake Element3400W 6-Pass Broil Element2 Oven Handle Racks2/3/4 Hour Self Clean SettingsSelf Cleaning OvenVari-Broil™ w/ 2 TemperaturesCONVENIENCE FEATURESDelay Start/ Delay Clean OptionsInterior Oven LightQuick CleanKeep Warm SettingADDITIONAL FEATURESUnder Counter Installation OptionENERGY/POWERElectric OvenMANUFACTURERS WARRANTY1 Year Limited Parts & LaborDIMENSIONS29″ H x 24 1/2″ D x 27″ W


What You Need to Know About Gas Wall Ovens

Having an oven in your home lets you make a number of gourmet recipes in an instant. Instead of purchasing scrumptious baked or broiled meals in restaurants, you can make them yourself with a reliable oven. This multi-purpose kitchen appliance enables you to prepare a variety of nutritious dishes for you and your family. It also comes in handy when there are family gatherings at home; you can impress your guests with a well-cooked dish that you can make using an oven.

However, if your kitchen were quite small, you would not want to make it look even more cramped by purchasing a bulky appliance. A narrow kitchen makes it look unorganized and unpleasant. Moreover, you will not have enough workspace in cooking, and this could be a hassle for you.

Do not despair, though, if you have a limited kitchen space. You can still own an oven despite your space dilemma in the kitchen. The best solution for such kind of a kitchen is a sleek and streamlined appliance that will not grab too much space. Thus, a gas wall oven makes a great addition to your kitchen. This type of oven installs easily on the grooves of the wall. You need not worry about insufficient floor space, as this literally hangs above the floor. Moreover, you do not have to bend down to open or close the oven door; you can customize the height or level of the oven to make it more convenient for you to use.


Another great thing about a gas wall oven is that it heats up faster than an electric wall oven. This feature makes cooking faster, thus you get more things done in minutes. You can also save on electric bills with a gas wall oven. Even if you cook several dishes in a couple of hours, you need not worry about a skyrocketing electric bill.

There are some things to consider before purchasing a gas wall oven. First, you need to have good ventilation in your home. A gas wall oven produces noxious fumes that can take a toll in your and your family’s health. Thus, you need a reliable exhaust system that would bring the fumes out of the house. Another thing is that you need to have a reliable gas engineer to install the wall oven in your kitchen. This professional should also check regularly the oven to make sure that everything is working perfectly. It is very important to have your gas wall oven serviced regularly by a qualified gas engineer, as this is a safety precaution to prevent accidents.


With all these items in mind, a gas wall oven is indeed a functional kitchen appliance that is ideal for any small kitchen. You can definitely save more space in the kitchen, while still enjoying the great benefits that an oven brings. Just make sure that you choose the best brand of gas wall oven for your cooking needs. Moreover, you should also have the oven installed by a professional so that you can be sure of its proper installation to prevent serious accidents in the future.

Wall Ovens

Image by BoneDaddy.P7
Bosch 800 series wall oven…Mmm
Biggest capacity on the market, convection, capacitive touch, lcd. this should be nice. it has some dings and scratches, but most of them I’ll be able to sand out.

Question by AJ: Does anybody know of any shallow wall ovens?
We are moving to a new house with a horrible kitchen layout and very shallow walls. We do not have more than 19 inches for a wall stove and I cannot find anything less than 21. Does anybody know of any companies that make shallow wall ovens?

Best answer:

Answer by LaDoG
Pizza oven! Can work for any foods.

Plus boy scouts of america and the rangers have a machine that makes pizza, cassaroles and cakes and that and works on hot air. They use it in the forest or at home. I wish everyone had that. I saw it reviewed in their magazine.


Make a rotisserie, metal bar, coals, ask your local butcher/grocery butcher how he got his. It stands alone.

What do you think? Answer below!

Chef Kurt goes over some of the features available in wall ovens.
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