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Wine Cellars: An Exploration of Stylish Storage

October 8, 2011

Wine Cellars: An Exploration of Stylish Storage

This thorough and inspiring book provides a vicarious tour of the best in wine bottle storage. Visit more than 100 absolutely stunning, private wine cellars in over 200 beautiful color photographs. Peruse racking systems, tasting tables, and artful touches, created by leading wine cellar designers, including Paul Wyatt, Kathleen Valentini, Gary LaRose, and Doug Smith. Additionally, this is a guidebook to wine cellars in some of the world’s most renowned hotels and restaurants, where private parties can reserve a table and dine amidst coveted vintages. The book also visits handsome displays in restaurants that showcase wine programs to customers. The result is thousands of wonderful ideas for wine storage and display. This is the first work of its kind, making it an invaluable guide for architects, designers, and discerning homeowners and restaurateurs.

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 29.55

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Wine Cellar
Wine Cellars

Image by Thirsty in LA
We had dinner at a family friend’s beautiful hilltop estate. This is his climate-controlled, walk-in wine cellar. He said he has around 1500 bottles. Note the keypad entry.

Wine cellars capture the feeling of luxury like no other type of wine storage and have price tags to match. To learn all about wine cellars Meghan Carter of visited Wine Cellar Innovations. Discover what you need to know about wine cellars before you make that investment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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