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Breville BOV800XL The Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ

October 7, 2011

Breville BOV800XL The Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ

  • 1800-watt convection toaster oven with 4/5-cubic-foot nonstick interior
  • Element IQ technology for smarter control over the heat; 9 pre-set functions
  • 5 quartz heating elements; user-friendly control panel; LCD screen; 3 rack positions
  • Auto-eject wire rack; removable crumb tray; pizza pan, baking pan, and broil rack included
  • Measures 18-1/2 by 16-1/4 by 11-1/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

The Smart Oven’s Element IQ puts the power where it’s needed most. For each of the 9 pre-set programs, Element IQ delivers the right power at the right time and when adjusted to taste, it even remembers. Element IQ works much like the dimmer in your light switch-it can turn the power up or down. Instead of the 5 heating elements having a fixed wattage, Element IQ automatically puts the power where it is needed most for the specific cooking task. Not only does the Smart Oven heat up faster than a conventional wall oven, it’s also more energy efficient than its predecessor, making it a kitchen tool you will use every day.

List Price: $ 299.99

Price: $ 229.46

Wall Ovens ? Great Space Saver For Busy Kitchens

If you love baking for your loved ones or enjoy hosting large parties, a double wall oven is the solution to your requisites. Most of us use our ovens everyday, so buying a terrific oven makes some sense. A double wall oven permits you to cook food at a distinct temperature range in each oven so that the cooking time is split in half especially on special occasions where you’ve numerous guests. These ovens have two detach ovens commonly sitting on top or flanking another. These can always function as one single unit. These are best for cooking lots of dishes at the same time wherein one of the ovens can be utilized for baking and also the other one for roasting meat.

These double wall ovens are also best for individuals who are physically impaired. The ovens can be set up taking into account the height of the users and also the control panel can also be placed within easy reach when standing or sitting up. Presentation of meals would entail vast planning if loved ones need to schedule cooking meals via a single oven. Through the utilization of double ovens, the hassle of determining who will prepare the food at that particular time is going to be eradicated. Installing these wall ovens won’t only improve the time you’ll have to spend with your friends and loved ones but will also enhance the working area in your home as well as the overall worth of the kitchen.

You can find various causes why homeowners choose to have wall ovens in their kitchens. They make the most of your home space and permitting multiple chefs to perform mutually. A single cook might utilize the stove and the other one may work on the cuisines designed for the oven. These ovens are very handy and aids in providing delicious dishes for your family, friends and acquaintances. They are multi-functional whether within the cook’s kitchen in restaurants or your home’s kitchen. You are able to bake, cook, broil or do convection cooking for your loved ones or cook numerous desserts for bigger occasions.

Wall ovens are commonly accessible in contrasting widths of 24, 27 and 30 inches. Its height will depend whether its oven is single or double. Most wall ovens nevertheless are of double oven types and very few are single ovens. Whether your double oven is stainless steel, gas wall ovens or convection ovens, you must determine your kitchen location, capacity requisites and much needed kitchen accessories to make your option of double wall ovens simpler.

Wall oven not working
Wall Ovens

Image by avlxyz
just as well we’re replacing these with new appliances. two of the four hotplates aren’t working, and neither is the oven nor rangehood.

it’d be sad to see the bain maries go though… i wonder why a household kitchen would need bain maries?

Question by demaissoneuve: wall ovens?
I just wonder about the safty of wall ovens. They obviousely are, otherwise they would not be around. But, how is that. They virtually touch the side and the thin carboard backing of cabinets, and are in a very tight, little air circulating sapce.

Best answer:

Answer by marvin A
I’m with you.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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