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Samsung UN55D7000 Review- The Best HDTV 2011

October 6, 2011

My Personal Best HDTV 2011 Samsung UN55D7000 Review

I will be discussing the Samsung UN55d7000 review in this article. I will be describing my personal likes and dislikes that I have experienced during this past year using it and reveal a lots of hidden information that can't be found anywhere else. As you might already know, it has been described as the best LED TV 2011 by the entertainment industry leaders, while also being judged as the best HDTV 2011 at the same time.

samsung un55d7000I got this TV for just $1900 instead of the regular price of $3400, which means I got the best HDTV 2011 at a discount of around 50%. I always buy my stuff from amazon as they ship on time and have a hassle free guarantee for all the items they sell. If you are interested to know about the current discount, then visit this link. It is available on amazon at amazon for a sale and you can get around $1500 off if you purchase it now. Although due to the price hike on the corner, I cannot guarantee that it will be still available for this discount in coming months.

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The Best LED TV 2011- Samsung UN55D7000's First Impressions

The Samsung UN55D7000 is one of the newest televisions with 3D capabilities from Samsung. This model is made with both 2D and 3D functions in mind which makes it perfect for a long time to come. This is also one of the reasons that I think it is the best hdtv 2011. If you are wondering why it was not termed as the best LCD TV 2011 as well, then I will like to remind you that it is not a LCD TV in the first place.

I am proud to own this Smart LED HDTV and really like its performance and features which have combined entertainment and connectivity to the social world in one TV. You will be able to watch your favorite movie with a Blue-tooth 3D active shutter glasses. It also comes with wall mounting properties, Internet connectivity, a wide screen display, Dolby® digital sound, a dynamic contrast ratio, a high aspect ratio, a swivel base in addition to surround sound speakers. It has been priced in an affordable range so that it appeals to a wide cross section of television watchers. The Samsung UN55D7000 carries a trim, eye-catching, and lean design.

Being able to watch a 3D movie is quite exhilarating; usually you could only get this at the movie theaters. In recent years, owing to the popularity of the movie 'Avatar' people are requesting and buying more 3D capable TV’s. All the major manufacturers are listening to the patrons and providing this with added features.

You will be able to mount your new purchase on the wall. It as a thin frame and has been designed with no lead or mercury in its components. The screen is fifty five inches. Color is incorporated in various areas and it has a lovely base. The housing of the TV is in black which is high gloss. You will notice that the connectivity options are placed to the rear of the TV set and its framework that is bezel is quite thin. Your Samsung UN55D7000 will look like a work of art or painting on the wall because of its thinness.

Features of Samsung UN55D7000 which make it the BEST HDTV 2011

best hdtv 2011Samsung UN55D7000 is accompanied with four legs that can be configured with in an X fashion, if the user wishes to do so after it is purchased. So that you can watch the TV from any area in the room, it comes with a swivel neck. This allows you to angle it in any position. The 3D glasses has shuttering that gives you the delusion of looking at stereoscopic pictures.

Because of its internet capabilities, you can make Skype to Skype calls with family members and friends. You will also have the full use of the recoding features to track and watch your favorite shows at a later time. There are USB ports so that you can store your programs in that way. Apart from the wireless capabilities, more than one computer can be connected at any time. It is eco-friendly and saves more power than other models. The Samsung UN55D7000 carbon footprint is minimal.

The BEST HDTV 2011 Samsung UN55D7000 Conclusion

As clear from the review above, it is simply the best hdtv 2011. No other LED TV or LCD TV comes to delivering a performance anywhere near it. I have synced it with my PS3 and DirecTV satellite media box which allows me to get all my favorite stuff in one place. I can watch all the movies I want to without having to spend a dime or going to the cinema. Just make sure you have a good internet connection to make full use of its features mentioned above. I am the biggest fan of this TV and always get great compliments from my friends and relatives who see it for the first time. Click here to read the actual user reviews and secure a 50% discount for yourself. Hope you enjoyed reading the Best HDTV 2011 review, the Samsung UN55D7000 review and will visit our site again.

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