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The Best Baby Carrier- 5 Best Baby Carriers Reviews!

October 3, 2011

What Is The Best Baby Carrier in 2011

I will review the 5 best baby carriers in market in 2011 while comparing them with each other in short and easy to read paragraphs. We often hang out together in the park besides our block with our kids and compare who has the best Child Carrier out of us. I will review the 5 carriers for newborns that I personally feel are much better than other brands and makes in the market currently. There are a variety of baby carriers that we can choose from, for example,

If you have an infant or a small baby and need a child carrier, then you want the very best one that will work well for you and also, most importantly, keep you little one safe and sound as you carry him or her around. We have taken the five best choices of child carriers on the market and rated them from one to five. The first one is the best on the list, down to the last one.

My Top 5 Baby Carrier Reviews List

My list of best baby carrier for newborn below includes the carriers that I have personally like and are all good products, but I am ranking them in the order of my preference, that is, the first one is my favorite and so on.

  1. Littlelife Voyager S2 Child Carrier, Red/Charcoal best baby carriers littlelife voyager s2The Voyager S2 child carrier is the very best of all in our ranking out of these top five infant baby carrier options. It is the best baby carrier for back (Not the typical front facing baby carrier.) and is designed to work hard and do its job no matter where you are taking your child. It could be on a vacation or just a long walk around the block. You still want a top notice child carrier. The Voyager S2 child carrier has a completely adjustable system for the back, which has the same design as high quality backpacks used by hikers in the mountains. This keeps the wearer comfortable as you carry you child around. It distributes the weight of your baby evenly and well. One cool factor is the rear view mirror so you can see what is happening back there and therefore not worry so much about your baby. The S2 also has a removable day sack and an included, washable mat for changing baby's diapers. It has the added features of a canopy to protect the baby from too much sun or showers and foot stirrups too.You can read the actual user reviews on Amazon to decide if you really want to go for it. In my case, it totally held true for the saying “you get what you pay for” and its high qualities and features make it worth the cost for me. Simply love it.
  2. Littlelife Cross Country S2 Child Carrier, Red/Charcoalbest baby carrier littlelife cross country s2Next on our list of choices for the best baby carrier is the LittleLife Cross Country S2. It features a seat for your baby that is anatomically shaped to keep them more comfortable as they are carried around. It also has a low profile design so you can better maneuver around while wearing it through any tight spaces out on the hiking trail or even just wading through a busy store. It includes big pockets to carry all of baby's things like diapers, or foods. You can also adjust the back system for your own comfort in carrying it on your back. Babies up to 40 lbs can ride in this carrier.It is a lightweight and sturdy carrier that is one of the best rated baby carrier and great for any trip. It has a patented Anchor Point, as well as grab handles on both the top and sides. It also has reflective piping which can make you and your child seen better if you are walking in the dark. Plus you can hang toys from the special loops and it has an attachment that protects the baby's face. Read user reviews on amazon by clicking the image above to know and makes the number two slot on our list of best child carriers.
  3. Kelty K.I.D.S. FC 3.0 Frame Child Carrierinfant carrier kelty kids frame back carrierThis Kelty K.I.D.S. FC 3.0 Frame is number three on our list of best child carriers. It has a special suspension system, ventilated panels in the back, shoulder straps padded for your comfort as you carry baby around, and a hip belt to distribute the weight better as you carry him. The frame and the chair for baby is made of fabric that breathes so he is comfy the entire day. The five point harness keeps him safely and snugly inside the carrier for safety. It also has a kickstand to hold it up if you have to take it off for a few minutes and don't want to take your child out of it. The hood will keep baby from getting wet if it rains too. It can hold kids up to 50lbs and has a warranty for the life of the carrier. You can even carry along some diapers or other supplies in the attached diaper bag. Plus, it's washable and has reflective tape to keep you both safe. This beauty sells for between $149 and $249 and is worth the cost.
  4. Sherpani Rumba Superlight Baby Carriersherpani rumba superlight baby carrierThis model makes number four on our list of top baby carriers. It can fit a person with a torso up to 2o inches around. It is lighter than some carriers and has some positive reviews on Amazon, where it sells for $179.95. It was said to distribute the weight of a two year old that weighed 26 lbs very well and that it worked good as a carrier to use for a day hike. The pack is adjustable for you and your child and has a sun shade to keep the sun out of the baby's eyes. It is perhaps not as good as the previous three, but still a good quality and safe child carrier for you to use.
  5. Lillebaby 5 Position Everywear Baby Carrier 99lillebaby position everywear best baby carrierLast on the list, but still a pretty good child carrier is the Lillebaby 5 Position Everywear Baby Carrier. It is also the lowest in price at only $99 on Amazon. It weighs two pounds.It is made to be comfortable for the parents to wear as they carry around their child throughout the day on a hike or supermarket trek. It is meant to be adjustable so that you can change the configuration to use it for a newborn clear up to a five year old child. It can be used on the chest, hip or back depending on the age of your child. It is made to be ergonomic in design for both you and your child's comfort.

Conclusion to The Best Baby Carriers

The bottom line is that you have to take into consideration both your own needs as to how you can wear and support a child's weight when you use a carrier, as well as the safety measures incorporated into one, the different accessories, how big of a child can ride in it and the cost overall. My personal favorite on the best baby carriers list is the Littlelife Voyager S2 Child Carrier which you can read more about here.

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