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Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver� Improve Distance in Your Drives!!

October 3, 2011

My Personal Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver

The thing that I love the most about the Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver is the fact that not only does it improve the distance on my drives, but it is also aids in making my drives a lot more accurate. Taylormade has a reputation for making some of the best drivers; therefore, it goes without being said that both the functionality and the appearance of the Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver are rather impressive. This club also feels great to hold; therefore, you will definitely feel more comfortable when swinging. In order to know the true effectiveness of this driver, you will have to try it for yourself.

Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver Review- First Looks
This particular Taylormade driver has customization options and FCT, which provides you with maximum control over the ball flight. Furthermore, if you are not an individual who hits the sweet spots at all time, then the Taylormade Inverted Cone Technology will work perfectly for you. Additionally, for those golfers that are considered to be habitual slicers, the R9 Super Tri Driver will help to correct your slice. One of the greatest benefits about using this particular Taylormade driver is that over time your swing will change and improve. Presently, the R9 Super Tri Driver is available at Amazon at a starting price of less than USD $400.

Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver Comparison with Other Drivers

First of all, the R9 Super Tri Driver has movable weight technology. There are three movable weights available, which provides you with total control of the CG position. These weights are Draw, Neutral and Fade. This Taylormade driver also features flight control technology. There are eight head positions available that are also adjustable, and they help to produce various face angles, lie and loft relationships. As mentioned before, these drivers come with the Taylormade Inverted Cone Technology. This makes the head shape of the driver very sleek, and the crown aid in decreasing wind resistance, and enhancing ball speed up to approximately 2mph.

Other features of the Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver include an ultra thin wall technology. This technology aids in reducing the thickness of the head wall, in order to redistribute and save weight. This is very important for the combination of MWT and FCT in the head that is 460cc. The Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver also features distance through optimization. This is the only 460cc head available on the market that combines Movable Weight Technology and Flight Control Technology. This driver has the ability to deliver approximately 75 yards of right to left adjustability for ball flight.

Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver Review- Flaws

There are basically two things that need improving on the R9 Super Tri Driver. First of all, golfers complain that it has a slightly high launch, and secondly, others complain that it has a very small sweet spot. However, as for the small sweet spot, it does take some getting used to. Although it does have these two minor faults, the Taylormade R9 Super Tri Driver is still one of the best drivers that are currently available on the market. They are very comfortable to play with, and they are also effective in improving your swing and distance.

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