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The Callway Tour iZ Golf Balls- Callaway Golf Balls Review

September 23, 2011

Our Callaway Golf Balls Review

I will be discussing the Callaway Golf Balls Review in this article and describe in detail about the features that my favorite golf ball, Callaway Tour iZ Golf Balls possess.

callaway golf ballsCallaway Golf Balls are characterized by their special design which causes extremely low drag and thereby maximizes the distance in shots without ever crossing the legal aerodynamics barrier set by the International Golf Association. As golfers, we are always looking for balls that provide maximum distance, faster speeds, are accurate and last long enough so the whole deal is worth. Most of the callaway golf balls possess these general pre-requisites and are really good use on the course. I will start to review the detail features of the Tour iZ Golf Balls in the coming sections of this article.

Callaway Tour iZ Golf Balls- Callaway Golf Balls that rock!

I started using this golf ball since I wanted to reduce my handicap by improving the distance in my shots. My friend was using these balls to a great effect and I wanted to try them for myself as well. Of course, improving on the handicap is not as easy as changing golf balls, but then again, I decided to make good everything I can to assure a better score in the coming weeks. I also changed my irons to the new and advanced Callaway X-22 Irons to ensure that the only thing keeping my handicap high was the actual swing and posture problems. My changes paid rich dividends since I was able to see great improvement in my overall distance and increase my hits by around 15 yards in a week. So I am fully satisfied with my decision to choose these balls.
For a short time, amazon is offering the Callaway Tour iZ golf balls, the best Callaway Golf Balls, at a great discount of 30%. You can click this link to visit amazon and read more satisfied golfer's reviews. If you want to read more details, then please continue below.

Why are Callaway Golf Balls the best?

The Callaway Tour iZ Golf Balls are built using the special HEX aerodynamic design technology, which as of August 2011, is the best and ensures the lowest drag. Low drag design automatically promotes increased distance on the shots. This ensures that the ball travels a much straighter and accurate path, thereby guaranteeing minimum deviations due to wind and other climatic conditions. When I hit my shots, it seems like the ball penetrates the wind and cuts it away like butter. A really nice feeling when I see that trajectory and the hits consistently over 270 meter mark.

Any flaws in the Callaway Tour iZ Golf Balls?

callaway tour iz golf ballsLets discuss the flaws and cons of the Callaway Tour iZ golf balls. Sorry, but I will have to leave you dry on this one as I have not come across any flaws in them so far. Rest assured, if I discover any flaws with these balls, I will update this article and let you know. I will however say that these balls are priced a little higher than other balls in the market, but then again, there is a good reason for that. I might have always thought that the soul cause of my slice was the swing problem, but my investment in better equipment has removed any doubts in my mind with my ability.

Conclusion to Callaway Golf Balls Review?

As mentioned in the review above, the improvement in my game after using these balls is clearly visible with my increased distance. It might not be difficult for you to guess that I do not go to the course without these balls in my kit. Read more about the Tour iZ golf balls and get a 30% discount by clicking here. Callaway Golf Balls and in particular, the Callaway Tour iZ golf balls are a real essential part of my Callaway golf bag now.

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