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Best iPad 2 Cases- Must Read for iPad 2 owners!

September 23, 2011

The Best iPad 2 Cases Review

This review will reveal the best iPad 2 cases in the market in 2011. I will also reveal the best iPad 2 case I have come across after trying a few and will give my personal rating and the benefits and faults associated with each. This should save the readers a lot of time in buying and testing many iPad cases like me. After reading this review, you will be able to make an informed decision and not a hurried and disastrous one.

best ipad 2 casesIt is time for the launch of the new iPad 2, which is an upgrade from the most popular tablet that was on the market last year, the Apple iPad. In this article I will discuss the best iPad 2 cases that you can purchase for your tablet. Not only is the iPad 2 faster and slimmer than its precursor, but it also costs and lasts the same as the iPad; therefore, I guarantee that no matter what the competition has to say, the iPad 2 will be a success. So if you want to enhance the appearance of your iPad 2, you should consider the Deft Detour 360 cover. I will let you know more about this cover and also why it is better than many other cases in the market in the coming paragraphs in detail.

Deft Detour 360- The Best iPad 2 cases with discount

he best iPad 2 cases come with screen covers, stand functionality, and several other great features. Most of the iPad 2 cases that are on the market are actually more than just a case. For example, look at the iPad 2 rotating case Deft Detour 360, which is a case in the agenda style that is equipped with a rotating ring that will enable you to adjust the iPad's screen to either landscape or portrait mode. The Deft Detour 360 may look familiar to some persons, because similar to the Targus Versavu. Shop at Amazon and get a 50% discount off the original price.

Benefits of Deft Detour 360 Compared to Other iPad 2 covers

After opening this iPad 2 case, I was convinced that it is made from leather; due to the fact the case exterior's texture is rather amazing. This particular case actually looks better than a majority of the leather cases that are currently on the market; however, the case is really made from synthetic leather, which is more environmentally friendly, cheaper, and easier to maintain. The case interior was made using gray microfiber, which is very effective in preventing the screen of the iPad 2 from getting scratched. The back cover boasts a synthetic leather exterior and a plastic interior.

The Deft Detour 360 is an agenda style case, with the back cover having a plastic ring that is affixed to the screen cover. The ring enables the iPad 2 to be rotated in any direction at 360 degrees; therefore, you will be able to place your iPad 2 screen in either portrait or landscape mode if you wish. When you are closing the Deft Detour 360, you will be able to secure the case using an elastic band that is stretched from the back cover. There is also the smart on/off feature that wakes your iPad 2 when you open the case, and puts it to sleep once you close it.

Deft Detour 360 Review � Things to Improve

deft detour 360So far, customers who have bought the Deft Detour 360 have been raving about the great features that it has, and most of them actually prefer this iPad 2 case over the Targus Versavu. There have not been any complaints about the Deft Detour 360, as it is less bulky than its major competitors, it is made of better materials, and it has the on/off mechanism that persons love. Although, the Deft Detour 360 is not a big brand name product, its functionality is better than that of the brand name product, and customers have certainly not been disappointed with this iPad 2 case.

Best iPad 2 cases Conclusion

As clear from the facts I mentioned above, Deft Detour 360 iPad2 case beats the big brands in cost and performance apprehensively. I will definitely recommend it to people looking for a case for their table with best looks and best performance, but not necessarily the most popularly known brand. Get the best iPad 2 cases at a discount of 50% from now. Hope you liked my best iPad 2 cases review and be sure to ask about anything I forgot to cover.

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