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What Men Want in a Woman and Relationship? Top Secrets Revealed!

September 14, 2011

Secrets About What Men Want in a Woman Revealed

As much as you want to deny it, the reality is that most of the women do not have a clue about what men wants in a woman. Most of us are just wondering and want to get the man in our dreams to marry us or fall for us, but do not have an idea on how to realize it.That being said, the aim of this article is to discuss some things that will help you to get started with your relationship and give you a clear idea on what traits you should include in your personality to get the man you have always wanted.

what men want in a womanWomen are always wondering, what does a man want in a woman? Is it only the physical stuff? Or can a man really love a woman for more than just her body? It's normal for both men and women to wonder about the things they want to see in each other, but it is usually much difficult for women to know what men want in a woman due to the lack of information on this topic in the men dominated world. But as you will see in the next few paragraphs, physical relationships and fun aren't always the only things on a guy's mind.

What do Men Want Look for in a Woman- Men want more than just Physical Relations

If you think what men want in a woman in only the physical fun, then you might be short of some good information. Of course most men and women both enjoy sex, but that is far from the only thing that a man wants in a woman. Men want to be loved and cherished, just like woman do. Despite what some women may think, men do form strong emotional bonds with a woman and are hurt deeply when there is a breakup. In fact, statistics show that more men than women do something like kill themselves after a bad breakup.

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Men want a woman that stands out from all the rest and becomes that one special woman who will love him and cherish him. They want a woman who isn't afraid to be herself and not just be what she thinks he wants. They may want good looks to get them started, but that doesn't necessarily mean perfect, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder and includes more than just looks.

What Men want in a Woman- A Combo Of Positive Traits

Sure, men are attracted to a good looking woman. It helps fuel their ego to be seen with a beautiful woman so they can show her off to their friends. But just beauty can wear off, and men are also attracted to a woman who has a great personality to go with her good looks. They want someone who is a combo of being sexy, as well as having a positive attitude, a kind heart, and who is smart and self confident.

What men want in a woman is a person who supports them and helps them throughout their lives, not someone who nags or complains and belittles them. They want someone who accepts them for who they are, flaws and all. Just like women want in men.

Men want to be a part of a woman's life

what do men want in a womanMen like to be involved in their woman's life, but not be the only thing she is interested in. They want women who also have their own friends, hobbies, interests to supplement their relationship. This show the man she is desirable because she can handle herself. It puts too much pressure on most men to be the all encompassing thing in a woman's life and she is a clinging little flower always asking him to do things for her.

If a woman clings it can cause a man to be pressured and feel trapped. Women who act like that come across to a man as someone just hanging around until there is a man to do and provide for her and she doesn't have her own mind. That may seem good at first, but eventually he is going to get bored and want out of that kind of relationship.

Physical Attraction is only a Small part of what a man wants

Men can be attracted to a woman, but not love her. That's called lust. For a man to really be in love and want a true relationship with a woman there has to be more than just physical attraction. Some of the other things a man usually finds attractive are soft heartedness. This would include a woman who offers him acceptance and kindness.

Modesty is also important, at least outside of the bedroom. Most men want a hot woman with no inhibitions when they are alone in the bedroom, but they don't want her to act that way in public. They want a woman that they can trust to be faithful to them and not to act like she wants to be in bed with every man in sight.

What Men Want From Women- The Little Things Count

One more important thing what men want in a woman unknowingly is that the little things in a woman attract them a lot. Men tend to be attracted to some of the little things like a woman's tone of voice or her smile. Statistics have shown that most men like a woman with a husky voice, while others like a soft, low pitch. And it's very true that a beautiful and confident smile can do wonders to attract a man. If a woman smiles at him, most men will respond positively to her. Eyes too are important, if a woman's eyes are bright and shining and she keeps her eyes on him that can also attract a man to her.

what men want in a woman

A woman's sense of humor can also attract a man. This is both being able to understand and react to a joke, and possibly being able to tell one or one who doesn't mind friendly teasing. And above all, a man likes a woman who has plenty of self confidence and will support him and make him feel the same way.

Relationship Advice- Men want their woman to be all of these things

In reality, men want their women to be a combination of all of these things. They want a beautiful woman who is self confident, kind, sexy, funny and all rolled into one. If this sounds impossible, remember that everyone's idea of these things is probably a bit different. One man may think a certain woman is all of these things and fall head over heels in love, while another man may totally ignore her. It's all in how the man acts and what he sees as the ultimate in these factors.

Conclusion To What Men Want

The bottom line is that men are attracted to a woman's appearance and sex appeal, but they ultimately want more than that in the woman they plan to keep for more than a one night stand. So if you want to be the woman who finds and keeps a good man then try to incorporate the above attributes in yourself, and don't settle for a man who just wants a one night woman. I am with the man I always loved and wanted to be together with. The book “Women men adore” helped me immensely in this process. Check out more about this book here. Hope this article helped you to develop a base on the topic of what men want in a woman and you will put this advice to use.

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