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How To Get Pregnant Quickly in 8 weeks?

September 13, 2011

What to do? How to get pregnant quick?

Do you want to know how to get pregnant quickly? If you want to, then you are not alone and I was at the very same stage in my life a couple of years back. Every women wish to be mother as there is nothing more precious that motherhood. But there are many women who are facing some problem getting pregnant. There may be various reasons behind this but there is no need to worry, as there are solutions for getting out of this problem. This article will discuss some of the tips on how to get pregnant quickly. Due to the diversification of today's lifestyle, many complications arise in the body. Moreover, these complications affect a women's body much more than a men's body. So some women's find it difficult to conceive a baby. But all these complication can be cured by following a simple and healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to get pregnant quickly:-

Tips on How To Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally

how to get pregnant quicklyHere are a few simple but effective tips which have helped out many readers who wanted to get pregnant quickly and give birth to a cute and healthy baby. These tips are effective and have been tried and tested.

How To Get Pregnant Quickly Tip 1-Have sex three times a week!

This is the best way to get pregnant quickly. Often it is observed that couples try to engage in sex more often during ovulation and do not engage in sex when they think that they are not ovulating. Though it is true that doing sex during ovulating period will result in pregnancy and result will not be obtained during the rest of the time. But it is not necessary that a woman will ovulate when they think they are. So having sex thrice a week will help a woman to cover her base, which means that there will be more opportunity for a woman to get pregnant.

How To Get Pregnant Quickly Tip 2- Use an ovulation kit!

By using an ovulation kit a women can increase the chances of getting pregnant quickly as these kits predicts the period of ovulation. Moreover using an ovulation kit is very simple and effective. Other methods such as charting are very confusing and less predictable than ovulation kit. These kits perform their function by reading the LH surge prior to ovulation. They generally predicts accurately the ovulation period. Other than this, there is the fertility monitors such as the Clear Blue Easy monitors which can also be used for quick pregnancy, so it's a worth while investment. They are similar to ovulation kit as because they also study the change in the LH level of the body. But these monitors also study the change in other hormones so as to give a more accurate result. These monitors are easy to operate and predict the best time to get pregnant.

How To Get Pregnant Quickly Tip 3- Engage in sex before ovulation!

best days to get pregnantOften the couples get confused regarding the best time of having sex in a relationship to ovulation. Well the answer is to have sex before ovulation, not after. There is small time in every month to get pregnant. Within that time, a woman ovulates but the eggs survive only for 24 hours but on the other hand, sperms survive for three to five days. That is why if couples engage in two to three days prior to ovulation then chances of pregnancy is strong. So do not wait for ovulation period to have sex so as to get pregnant. Male sperm last longer than women egg.

How To Get Pregnant Quickly Tip 4- Avoid calendar method for predicting ovulation!

There are a lot of couples who engages in sex during the fourteen day of the ovulation cycle. This is based on the old calendar method. Many women believes that they have a regular 28-day cycle and ovulation begins in the mid cycle. Rather following this method one can choose any arbitrary day to engage in sex since predicting accurately the day of ovulation is a tough job. A lot of women do not ovulate on the fourteenth day of the cycle. However, if you know the ovulation period then you can time intercourse better. For this, there are ovulation kit and monitors etc available in the market as told earlier which can accurately predicts the ovulation period.

How To Get Pregnant Quickly Tip 5- Do not rely on fertility chart alone!

Though fertility charts are good to keep a track of your cycle but it does have its own disadvantages. By the time, you can see ovulation on a bbt chart, you have already ovulated. It is nice to keep a track of your ovulation cycles by following a chart. You can observe the ovulation cycles of each month so that you can look back on your cycle and see if you timed things right. But in case this is the first time you are trying to get pregnant or you're not ovulating at the same time of each month then you must buy an ovulation prediction kit.

How To Get Pregnant Quickly Tip 6- Quit smoking

how to get pregnant naturallyCertainly smoking is injurious to health and it affects a woman more than a man. It can reduce the chance of getting pregnant by up to 40%. So if you're a smoker then quit smoking immediately. A research has proven it that woman who smokes had to wait for more than two months longer until they successfully conceive. Smoking not only affects fertility but also harms the unborn baby when one gets pregnant. So it is very dangerous to a women's health. But there are several medicine found in the market which can help you to quit smoking. They are safe and very effective.

How To Get Pregnant Quickly Tip 7- Take vitamins!

Vitamins are very beneficial for both male and female fertility. For example vitamin C helps and protects against the DNA damage. Vitamin E increases both female and male fertility. Folic acid helps in enhancing the chance of getting pregnant quickly. It also lowers the risk of suffering from any problems regarding production of eggs.

How To Get Pregnant Quickly Tip 8- Maintain healthy body weight and check up at regular intervals!

Those women who are overweight, they have less conception rate and has an overall negative effect. It can also affect the fertility rate. Underweight can cause infertility, too. So maintain a healthy body weight. And don't forget to check up at regular interval, avoid junk foods and strictly follow a diet prescribed by a doctor. Untreated infections, sexually transmitted diseases, or poor health can affect your chances of getting pregnant. so avoid all these and lead a happy and prosperous life by giving a new life.

Conclusion to How to Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally

The above article reflects some good tips and tricks that will help you to gain motherhood quickly as they helped me. I personally got a lot of help and step by step instructions from this book. No matter how busy I was, I would devote 10 to 15 minutes to the effective methods mentioned in this book “Pregnancy Miracle“. The book is a proven system that has helped millions get pregnant naturally and give birth to healthy children without use of any drugs or medical treatments. If you are interested, then please visit this link. Hope you enjoyed this article and visit my blog for more information on how to get pregnant quickly with natural tips.

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