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Callaway X24 Hot Irons review- Hot and Large Sweet Spot!

September 9, 2011

My Personal Callaway X24 Hot Irons Review

In this Callaway X24 hot irons review, I will reveal some interesting facts and information that no official information page will ever want to. I will be discussing not only the positive features, but also the negative ones. I will try to be as detailed as possible to give all readers a clear idea as to whether this club set is the one they really want to play with or not. In short, I will try to help the readers make an informed decision, rather than a faulty one.

callaway x24 hot ironsCallaway X24 Hot Irons are one of the greatest that I’ve ever used. It comes with VFT (Variable Face Thickness) Technology. It comes with a large sweet spot by which I’m able to generate faster balls speeds for maximum distance. By playing I’m able to pinpoint accuracy and control. The first thing I liked about is these clubs is the loft, which gives longer and flatter shots. It has an optimal CG position which provides me good performance and enhanced feel. It comes with hollow hosel design which allows more weight to move into the perimeter of the club head.

Callaway X24 Hot Irons Best Price- First Impression

It’s been 4 months that I’m using this X 24 Hot Iron set and I really love it for the features which I discussed above. I got this Callaway X24 Hot Irons set from amazon at 54% discount of market price which means 48% discount. Currently its market price is $1,120 but amazon is giving the same one for $580. Due to the expensive state of the art material used in their construction, prices are expected to go up pretty soon.

Click here if you want to know more about this discount and read more user reviews.

This is a real steal considering that I got around $600 discount on this set alone. I am happy this time that I really put them to use and getting full worth from them now with the reduced handicap. If you want to read a detailed review about Callaway X24 Hot Irons, please continue reading below.

How Callaway X24 Hot Irons Benefitted Me?

You might be wondering what advantages Callaway X24 Hot Irons specs can offer, here are few of the features which are beneficial compared to other similar models.

  • As I mentioned above that it comes with VFT (Variable Face Thickness) Technology, they are further designed with 360 Degree Undercut Channel technology and Modified TruBore technology which gives better performance while playing the game.
  • It comes in eight – iron set which includes irons of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, pitching wedge (PW), and sand wedge (SW). Its hot club faces with a large sweet spot which helps me in producing faster balls speeds. Its precision notch weighting gives more accuracy and control to me while playing game.
  • X-24 comes with Stealth PVD finish which gives a distinctive dark look and minimizes glare. X-24 has graphite shafts which are smooth and makes me feel as that control is totally within my grip.
  • The Callaway X-24 Hot Irons are truly synergistic with their design, which allows the energy to flow directly between the golfer and ball with no resistance.
  • The length of the shaft is little extra by 1/4 inch per club which in turn proved in giving better result to me in every game.

Callaway X 24 Hot Irons Review � The difficulties I had using them

callaway x24 hot reviewWhen I first started using this Callaway X 24 Hot Irons, the wedges were giving me problem and the low center of gravity is helpful, but it seems little difficult to make solid contact and the club face does not seem to grip the ball as much, which in turn generates spin around the green which was not easy. These were the things which I noticed in playing. But soon I found out that it was due to my own pre-adjustment stance to counter slice. As soon as I corrected my stance, everything was back to normal. It might be a little expensive but worth the price tag if you love golf like me. Overall the positive features made can be overlooked and it’s worth buying. Other than this it's good experience for me as I have not found anything unusual so far from past 4 months.

Callaway X24 Hot Irons Conclusion

I will finally conclude my review by summing up the points mentioned above. Surely, its positive points have weighed far over any minor negative ones. I will recommend it to any golfer looking to cut off a few strokes from his average score without needing to make other changes to the game. Click here for the $600 discount and read more user reviews for the Callaway X24 Hot Irons for sale from Amazon now.

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