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Callaway LR550 Rangefinder- Nikon's Accurate Distance and Direction Readings

September 5, 2011

Callaway LR550 Rangefinder Review

This Callaway LR550 Rangefinder Review will focus on how this rangefinder actually performs in real life situations for me. I will be discussing on how its features help me on the course which will help you to make an informed decision if you really want it for you or no. I will also be discussing its features that I hope can be improved upon in the coming versions, which are actually very negligible.

callaway lr550 rangefinderCallaway LR550 Rangefinder comes with lot of utility; it quickly gives accurate distance measurement up to 550 yards (500 meters), as its light in weight it's very easy to handle. It's a very helpful tool to me in every round of the game, just point at any object on the course and gets the accurate distance. It is a quality product which quickly gets the yardage to the target. It comes with high eye point which makes it easier for people like me who wear glasses and its eyepiece gives easy adjustment for a sharp view as it comes with 6x magnification.

Callaway Nikon LR550 Rangefinder� First Impression

It’s been 6 months that I’m using this rangefinder and I really love it for the features which I mentioned above. It allows measuring the distance directly to the flag even when the trees are in between. I got this rangefinder from amazon at 80% of market price which means 21% discount. Currently its market price is $299.95 but amazon is giving the same one for $238.� If you want to know more, please continue reading below. By the way, if you will like to visit the official amazon page for 21% discount on the regular price and read a lot more user reviews, THEN CLICK HERE.

Benefits and Features of Callaway LR550 Rangefinder by Nikon

You might be wondering what advantages Callaway LR550 Rangefinder can offer, here are few of the features which are beneficial compared to other GPS and similar models. As I said earlier, it measures distances up to 550 yards, its one-touch operation it comes with LCD with backlight. Its biggest advantage is that it’s waterproof and its accuracy is +/- 1 yard. It comes in yellow casing which makes it visible, which decreases the chances that you will loose or misplace it. It’s not like other models; Callaway LR550 Rangefinder comes with multiple range finding modes, from which you can select it, which in turn enhances the chances of determining the range with much greater accuracy. It gives the option of continuous mode which can range several different targets one after another for eight seconds. Optics of Callaway LR550 Rangefinder is one of the reasons which make it different from other models. Its optics are multicoated and posses a housing which is waterproof, I’ll say thanks to it’s accompanying nitrogen-sealed housing. As many GPS systems models only shows the distances to the front, middle and back of the green, the Callaway LR550 Rangefinder give you the yardage to the flag itself.

Callaway Nikon LR550 Rangefinder Review – Things To Improve

callaway nikon lr550 rangefinderWhen I first started using this rangefinder, it was bit difficult learning curve for me as I was new to using laser distancing device while golfing. As it needs steady hand requirement for long-distance measurements and at distances shorter than 22 yards or greater than 99.5 yards, accuracy is not exactly maintained up to +/- 0.5 yard, and it’s comes with Velcro cover which is small and cheap one, which should be improved with some better quality. It comes with one year warranty, while some of the others offer up to 2 years. Other than this it's good experience so far from past 6 months.

Callaway Nikon LR550 Rangefinder Review Conclusion

As clear from the features discussed above, its positive features totally blow away the negative one’s. I am have been enjoying the accurate distance and direction readings to help me lower my average score. And as it is available for a 21% discount from amazon, I will recommend to go for it even if you are faintly interested in buying a lase golf rangefinder. Click here to visit the 21% discount link. Hope this Callaway LR550 Rangefinder review was informative enough and has enabled you to make up your mind.

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