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H. WILSON Tuffy 42?H Utility Cart with Locking Cabinet � Gray

September 2, 2011

H. WILSON Tuffy 42″H Utility Cart with Locking Cabinet – Gray

  • H.
  • WILSON Tuffy 42″H Utility Cart with Locking Cabinet offers both open storage for bulk items and locked secure storage for valuable supplies.
  • Colorful injection-molded thermoplastic shelves are supported by thermoplastic black square posts.

H. WILSON Tuffy 42″H Utility Cart with Locking Cabinet offers both open storage for bulk items and locked secure storage for valuable supplies. Colorful injection-molded thermoplastic shelves are supported by thermoplastic black square posts. Shelves and posts resist dents, scratches, rust, and stains. Durable steel cabinet includes a recessed handle and cylinder lock with two sets of keys. Locking steel storage drawer holds small tools and supplies. Molded handle maneuvers cart on 4″ rubber swi

Price: $ 202.00

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What is a Trailer Pusher?

A trailer puller or a trailer pusher is an electric piece of equipment that can move trailers, trailer equipments, campers and even boats. As long as the object that needs to be pushed or pulled has the option of being lifted on one end before being moved, the pusher can do the job. Such a piece of equipment is very useful in a boat yard, a repair center for trailers and big vehicles, a factory and a dealership. The pusher works best on short distances. The pusher is not intended for long distances, but for the short distances it is the best solution for several businesses.

A trailer puller is the best investment your company can make. It has an ergonomic design, it is battery operated, and lower preservation costs. Because it is more compact and smaller than other similar pieces of equipments, it is safer for both the operator and the vehicles that need to be moved. The frame of the trailer pusher is made out of steel and has an adjustable acceleration and braking system. For easier maneuvering it has a variable twist grip and a neutral throttle braking system. The puller can go forward and in reverse and reaches a maximum speed of 3 miles per hour. The battery is strong enough to provide up to 16 hours of uninterrupted use, and the trailer puller has an automatic electric charger. If these are basic features most of the pullers have, there are optional attributes that can further increase the safety and efficiency of your puller.

The optional attributes of a puller are a safety horn, light, internal charger, stop switch and guard kit, foam fitted tires, a king pin attachment, and a 6 high power motor. Even if a puller does not have all the optional features the main advantage of using this kind of equipment is increased efficiency in your business and safer work conditions for your employees and the goods you need to push and pull around. Like in the case of any other heavy means of transportation like in the case of boats, trailers, motor homes or carts with tongues, the pushing or pulling cannot be done simply by people with the help of other vehicles. Our different kind of trailer pullers and pushers can move anything that has a ball couple or a pintle-hitch type of tongue. There are different kinds of trailer pushers and pullers. Some of them have a more specific design like for example boat pushers while others have a more generalized use and can move heavy equipments that have a standard ball coupler, a gooseneck or a kingpin.

Maybe some of the words like kingpin or gooseneck system are foreign for you. However you have to remember the important part of it all: a piece of equipment like a trailer pusher or puller can save you a lot of money because of its ergonomic design, its easy way of operating and its padded parts. Just imagine being the dealer of some expensive boats or farm equipment and having to move them in your yard. By pushing them or pulling them in an uncontrolled why you risk injuring your workers or potential customers, you risk damaging the boats or farm equipment and thus actually loosing more money than earning.

trailer pusher or a trailer puller may prove to be a very useful asset for your business and for your workmen. Having such a piece of equipment means faster moving around of the vehicles and more safety reasons for all the people that have something to do with your business.

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