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H. WILSON Tuffy 34?H Utility Cart with Locking Cabinet � Tan

September 1, 2011

H. WILSON Tuffy 34″H Utility Cart with Locking Cabinet – Tan

  • 34″H Tuffy Utility Cart Tan
  • Ensure instrumentation, inventory or supplies gets to the right destination by placing it on a colorful instrument cart�red for warehouse, blue for office, yellow for laboratory, etc.
  • .

Ensure instrumentation, inventory or supplies gets to the right destination by placing it on a colorful instrument cart�red for warehouse, blue for office, yellow for laboratory, etc.


A Proactive Solution: the Trailer Mover

The powered trailer mover is the best solution for the retail, hospital and manufacturing industries because it eliminates all the strains related to wheeled and heavy equipment handling. This trailer is especially designed for all the moving pieces of equipment supported and moved by their own wheels. These pieces have a special device that will need to be raised in order for the equipment to be moved. This moving application needs its own ergonomic solution and this solution can be provided by

The ergonomic design of the powered trailer mover will help you eliminate all the possibilities of being injured due to manual handling, pushing and pulling. Once the trailer mover is attached, the trailer is easy to maneuver. The operator can push and pull the trailer without physical stress. This is the main reason why you should choose the trailer mover because this mover needs just one operator. One person is enough in order to maneuver the trailer in a safe and under control manner.

The ergonomic and compact design of the powered trailer mover allows this gadget to work in very tight areas such as aisles and hallways. Even the open spaces are not a problem for the mover that has been created for the operator to take full advantage of its design features. Many companies are accustomed to using very expensive equipment. For instance, these companies use riding tugs and fork trucks in order to move and position heavy equipment and carts over shorter distances.


These companies are likely to spend huge amounts of money in order to reach the desired results and business effectiveness. However, the trailer mover can be regarded as the needed solution that will come along with significant space and money savings. Implementing such a trailer means that you are going to save your resources without wasting any effort. This trailer is to be used in order to replace all the expensive pieces of equipment that may overwhelm even the most powerful companies. When compared to traditional and expensive equipment, the powered trailer mover comes along with significant benefits.

Professional engineers developed the range; the highest standards were considered in order for the trailer mover to cope with harsh ground surfaces. Continued development of these products is also to be expected and this process plays the major role when it comes to ensuring the quality of all products. The site offers several standard alternatives and model options; there are some variations in the construction of every model. The best available products will thus be offered to every potential client; every mover is designed in order to have the necessary power to suit a wide range of applications.

The correct model that will suit your needs best will be chosen according to professional advice; you can take full advantage of the professional help available on because the sales team will assist you when trying to find the best product. This professional help is to be considered before ordering a particular model; you can also take full advantage of the free demonstration that will allow you to find out more about the features of a specific model.

This demonstration is a very important part of this team commitment. The sales team will make sure that you understand everything about the available models of trailer movers in order to make the wisest choice. The proper understanding of the products will guarantee your future business profits. By choosing the best product, you can rest assured that your option will come along with the necessary benefits for your unique situation. The powered trailer mover can make the difference, because this alternative is preferable to traditional methods involving constant physical stress.

The trailer mover can come in various shapes and sizes. However, you can choose the powered trailer mover by paying attention to the pieces of advice given by the professional sales team.

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