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60 AAA Callaway HX Hot Used Golf Balls

September 1, 2011

60 AAA Callaway HX Hot Used Golf Balls

  • 3-piece construction
  • High-resilience core
  • Soft boundary layer

Our AAA Golf Balls should play similar to a new ball. They will appear to have been hit for one or two rounds of golf and will show moderate signs of wear. Scuffs or cart path marks may be evident and the color and gloss may be inconsistent. These are our best value balls, perfect for novice golfers and high handicappers!Just like you, Callaway Golf is always looking to raise its game. The company’s drivers are designed and built to help you improve distance and accuracy and optimize shot shape


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callaway balls

Image by camflan

Question by Mark H: Ihave been walking the public golf course near my home , I have found many golf balls , what are some keepers?
i have lots of nike , topflite , some callaway , a few titleists ..etc what should i be on the lookout for ? being a muni course i do not think i will see tons of 6 dollar golf balls

Best answer:

Answer by GBeck
The question is: what are you keeping them for?

The ranger on our public course will give balls to golfers as he finds them. We keep (and play) with the ones that are not too badly scuffed or discolored. If we do use those, we use them as water balls or when there is an area we might not be able to get to the ball. The brand of a found ball to me is not a big deal. It’s just one I don’t have to buy.

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At a Callaway Golf Magazine shoot, Rocco entertains the crew with juggling tricks

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