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Mizuno MP-62 Iron Set � 3-PW � Steel Shaft Stiff Flex � Right Hand Review

August 30, 2011

Mizuno MP-62 Iron Set – 3-PW – Steel Shaft Stiff Flex – Right Hand

  • Dual Muscle design combines feel, forgiveness and workability
  • COG is precisely placed behind the ball impact zone for maximum workability and feel
  • Grain Flow Forged 1025E “Pure Select” mild carbon steel; Double nickel chrome plated finish
  • Modified U-grooves provide an ideal spin rate for playability in any weather conditions
  • Choice of Dynamic Gold Steel or Project X shafts; Exclusive MIZUNO / Golf Pride® M-21 58 Round Grip

Mizuno MP-62 Iron Set – The Mizuno MP-62 Iron Set is designed for the player seeking shot making control and workability with forgiveness. Dual Muscle technology combines an inner and an outer pad for maximum playability and feel. The Mizuno MP-62 Iron Set has a classic head profile with a thin top line, a tour inspired sole design and a minimal offset. A great set for the golfer seeking consistent ball flight and shot making accuracy.

Price: $ 899.95

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Mizuno MP-68 Irons 3-9P, Brand New, Clearance Price


Mizuno’s�MP-68 Irons�with 3D muscle technology are the next generation of muscleback irons. The innovative 3D muscle is the result of extensive computer optimization to deliver the ideal CG location that is lower and more face-centered, providing a penetrating and workable ball flight for complete shot control. TheMP-68 irons�also have a Tour Confirmed sole shape that ensures the appropriate amount of turf interaction for pure ball striking. Mizuno’s grain flow forging process ensures that the MP-68s provide the best feel and ball control in the game of golf. The stock shaft on these irons is the True Temper Dynamic Gold steel.


More at��


Mizuno MP-68 Irons Reviews�


MP68 irons are very impressive. I just completed a demo of several Mizuno irons. All of them were 6 irons and brought along my DCI 6 iron as well. I almost passed on bringing the blade because I thought I would not be able to hit it. At the last minute I grabbed the MP68 blade and brought it along. To my surprise I hit the MP68 the best out of the bunch including my own iron. The feel is awesome. Smooth as butter. I love the ease to shape shots… draw, straight, fade. I like the feedback from off center hits. Very nice irons. I bought a set this afternoon and am anxious to take them to the coarse. Try these irons if you are considering a set of new irons. Do not let the blade design intimindate you… try it.



My uncle plays these irons and recommended that I try them. I previously had played over sized Taylor Made RACs, but as I started shooting in the 70s, I wanted a more compact club. I hit the Titleist MB blades and the Taylor Made CBs, but the MP-68s were smoother and more forgiving than those blades. If you are going to purchase blades, I definitely recommend these. I found myself hitting too much draw with other blades, but with the Mizunos, that is not an issue. I’ve been a blade man since I was a kid, most recently MP-29′s. Except for a four-year stint with some MP-32′s, the 29′s have been in the bag for around 12 years. Well, I got the let’s-buy-a-set-of-irons bug and started looking. I’ve got a very bad habit of just heading to ebay without trying anything out first. Tempted to buy some 53′s or 63′s in the hope of gaining a bit more forgiveness (I’m 62 and don’t always hit the sweet spot anymore), I began my search. After missing out on two or three auctions I managed to win a set of 68′s at a very good price. Thank heavens the weather has been good and our course opened two weeks early. I’ve now played three rounds with these irons and can state they are the finest blades I have ever struck. Talk about sweet…these are like butter!


I even picked up a little bit of distance. I highly recommend the 68′s to anyone who either know how, or wants to know how, a golf ball is supposed to feel as it leaves the club face. I have now had a month with the new Mizuno MP68 Blades and think they are fantastic.� I am very impressed with the “soft feel” when striking the ball.� These are the first blades I have ever owned and I consulted with my golf pro first as to whether or not I should move to them. (Previous clubs were TaylorMade Rac LT)� The decision was 100% right and I feel like I have much better control on the shots and highly recommend them.� As for forgiveness I did not expect a blade design to incorporate that aspect. When I do strike the ball poorly there is no reason to suspect the clubs in any way as it was purely my swing.� I am very impressed with the MP68 clubs and wish I had made the move much sooner. They are very easy to swing, the sound and feel is fantastic and the ball releases beautifully.

Question by Mark: I’ve bought a used set of Mizuno MX 300 irons with Rifle FCM 4.0 shafts. What flex are these? Senior, A?
Caught these irons as demos from Golfsmith. They look to be in very good shape around 8.5 to 9 rating. Could the Rifle 4.0 shafts have been original on these clubs also? I do prefer an easy flex though. So what are they?

Best answer:

Answer by Pixie Chick
Flex is, in part, a factor of club length and head weight. Unfortunately, there is no standard measure of flex among manufacturers but the Rifle 4.0 shaft is designed to play soft – suitable for an average women or senior, I believe.

Rifles are frequency matched from the factory so they are not tip cut for the purpose of changing their intended flex.

Rifles are one of the few with a good understanding of flex. Yes a 4.0 is a soft flex best suited to ladies or seniors with slower swing speeds.

Options and Availability on the Mizuno MX 300 irons
Again, lefties get left out in the cold, as the MX-300 is only available in right-handed models. The standard shaft is the True Temper Dynalite Gold, though you have the option of the R300 or S300. If you prefer a different shaft, custom grips, or adjusted loft/lie angle, the Mizuno Custom Department is available to meet all of your needs. It is notable that the standard set includes 4-GW, though a 3 iron is available. The MSRP is $ 900, which is considerably lower than that of the MX-1000. So if they were originals they were custom ordered.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Mark Crossfield hits golf shots using TrackMan launch monitor. Watch Mark and Matt hit it out in a nearest the pin competition. Hitting with the Mizuno MP53 iron watch and see how accurate they really are.

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