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uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf

August 29, 2011

uPro Golf GPS by Callaway Golf

  • Golf GPS system with sleek and unobtrusive design that fits in a pocket or belt holder
  • Provides golfer with aerial and satellite photographs of your favorite golf courses
  • Built-in GPS technology clearly locates the golf course hazards and flagsticks
  • Connects to for golf course downloads; 2.2-inch high-resolution color screen
  • Includes battery, wall adapter, USB cable, and free course download; 6-month warranty

Looking to improve your course management skills? Turn to the uPro golf GPS system, which employs state-of-the-art GPS, aerial, and satellite technology to accurately render the details of thousands of golf courses. The uPro starts by providing the avid golfer with aerial and satellite photographs of the golf course, so you can see what the hole looks like before you play it. At the same time, the unit’s built-in GPS system clearly locates the golf course hazards and flagstick, so you know what

List Price: $ 399.99


Special Savings On Golf Clubs 2009 Callaway Legacy Forged Irons For Sale

Callaway golf clubs is a brand product.The brands we produce high quality original golf clubs,included golf driver, golf wood, golf fairway wood, golf irons, golf irons set, golf putter, golf wedge, golf hybrid, golf rescue wood.

Today a customer bought a series of Callaway golf clubs:Callaway X-22 Iron Set ,Callaway FT-i Driver,Callaway FT-i Squareway Wood.It will be used in proper proportions.Especially the Callaway X-22 Iron Set is one of the most popular Iron set.But I think the 2009 Callaway Legacy Forged Irons is not less than that..As a golf clubs for sale on the golf wholesale shop,it has its unique features.�


2009 Callaway Legacy Forged Irons

Brief construction:
Steel Shaft: Project 5.0 or 6.0 shafts
Length: Standard mens length
Grip: Callaway
Callaway Japan introduces their all new Legacy Forged iron for 2009!

The Legacy design was supervised by Roger Cleveland specifically for the Japanese market featuring a easy to use head shape, slightly higher heel and semi goose neck. The target audience is the mid handicapper to lower handicapper looking for a blend of forgiveness, performance in a mid sized high tech forged cavity back. Callaway has slotted the Legacy right in between the X-Forged and X-20. The Legacy features a loft forged body coupled with VAR (Vibration Absorption Rubber) and a high strength steel face for a solid but soft feel.

Forging a club is very similar to what the village blacksmith used to do. The metal is sunk into a rough shape and then hammered until the desired design is complete. The manufacturer is then presented with a raw forging iron, which is a close approximation of the club head desired. The carbon steel or chrome club head is then by finished by milling, grinding and drilling. The end result is a solid looking, soft metal iron that has a reduced sweet spot. The completed forged irons are aimed towards good players who place importance on the feel to be able work shots and control trajectory.

You can find the Iron fited for you too on the


More detail about 2009 Callaway Legacy Forged Irons on

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Question by Brandon: What is the difference between tour clubs and regular golf clubs, i.e. Callaway x-20 and x-20 tour?
does pga only allow the tour models for its players?

Best answer:

Answer by COLBY.H
they are different because they r dirrent componies and so they make different clubs.

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