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August 28, 2011


  • Photo Reprint
  • Printed at 20 x 16 in.
  • 1913

The Harris & Ewing, Inc. Collection of photographic negatives includes glass and film negatives taken by Harris & Ewing, Inc., which provide excellent coverage of Washington people, events, and architecture, during the period 1905-1945. Photo Reprint BASEBALL, PROFESSIONAL. PRESIDENT WILSON LEAVING BALL PARK 1913. Reprint is 20 in. x 16 in. on archival quality photo paper.

Price: $ 7.99

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Workouts For The Abs ? Pilates, Exercise Balls And The Gym

Flat abs, tight stomach! Some succeed, some fail. True to its sense, different people require different equipment and exercises. Finding the ones that work just right is the idea.

Various workouts may definitely work for you, right. And some people may find it okay to maintain one ordinary routine, but still the idea of infusing a variety of workouts may be considered to achieve positive and definite results. Keeping old routines for the same target muscle areas doesn’t usually work. In fact, most people use basic workouts that focus on the abs without the aid of any equipment or facility. The workouts are so easy they can be performed even at home. The secret � pinpoint all the core ab muscles. Pilates for example, is considered by many women to be an effective method in flattening the abs because it provides an array of ab workouts that others don’t. Aside from being light and easy-to-follow, the sequences or movements can simply be done even at home.

For some people, doing workouts at home is fairly okay. But for others, seeking the aid of gyms to work on their abs is an absolute choice. This is especially so because gym membership means access to a wide range of equipment for the formation of the abs, as well as the chance and the opportunity to meet knowledgeable instructors who provide proper training as regards to the formation and proper development of the abs.


Amidst the idea of workout equipment and the gym itself, a lot of people still find exercise balls significantly effective on ab workouts. They claim to have gained considerable changes in their bodies and other positive results just by using exercise balls. In comparison with other workouts done at home which only target specific parts of the abs, exercise balls facilitates a number of mass muscles to be worked out all the same period of time. An ab enthusiast can simply sit on a ball and execute abdominal curls. He can also lie on the ball with his stomach to exercise his obliques (the intermediate muscles of the abdomen)� and his rectus abdominis (the paired muscle running vertically on each side of the anterior wall of the human abdomen) as well as the hip flexor (or the skeletal muscle). Or he can simply place the ball under his legs as he lies flat with his back on the floor while performing a number of workouts as well.

Different people adapt different styles, methods and techniques in trimming their abdominal muscles or abs. Some stick to their own traditional way, while some prefer to explore the fitness world and engage in several workout styles because somehow it gives them the feeling of self-fulfillment. Flat, ripped and gorgeous abs do not just happen. But whatever options people have, it is diligence and determination that will always have the impact on the success and failure of an ab workout.

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Wilson County TN Fair Aug 23 2008 (130)
wilson balls

Image by tommaync
Kevin & Machelle getting closer to boarding the Fire Ball

Question by Matakil: Are these golf balls that i own soft? (good for spin)?
the balls are wilson Hyper Ti, and Dunlop Distance attack. thanks for the help guys, i’ve heard that the softness of the ball is important for spin on the shot.

Best answer:

Answer by googie
Any ball will spin if it has been struck properly. Softness may help but technique is mandatory to spin. The ball has to be hit on the lower third of its diameter , driving it into the turf which makes it climb the club face where the grooves grab it and make it spin.That is the theory.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

My video response to the Wilson video “How many Wilson tennis balls can you juggle?” Guess the answer is FIVE!

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