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Mizuno MP-52 Irons Set 3-PW Steel REG Forged MP52 NEW Review

August 28, 2011

Mizuno MP-52 Irons Set 3-PW Steel REG Forged MP52 NEW

  • The MP 52 features a innovative Dual Muscle Player’s Cavity grain flow forged from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel
  • Unique CNC milled pocket provide a low and deep Center of Gravity (CG)
  • Mild Carbon Steel forging provides the perfect blend of ultimate soft, solid, and consistent feel packaged in a durable double nickel chrome plated finish
  • Maximum playability in all conditions are achieved though the modified U-grooves which produce the idea spin rate
  • Tour level workability and ball control are delivered through the design of a rolled leading edge, aggressively cambered sole and rolled trailing edge

Club Specifications:
DEXTERITY: Right-Handed GENDER: Men BRAND: Mizuno MODEL: MP-52, Dual Muscle, Grain Flow Forged CLUB: Iron Set, 3-PW SHAFT: Steel SHAFT SPECIFICS: True Temper Dynamic Gold, R300 FLEX: Regular GRIP: Mizuno M-21 LENGTH: Standard CONDITION: New CONDITION SPECIFICS: New condition 10, actual clubs are not in the plastic but are new still in the original box

Price: $ 699.99

Mizuno MX 100 Irons Great Golf Club for New Golfers to Mid Handicap Golfers

The brand new�Mizuno MX-100 irons with Y-Tune performance along with ultra pocket cavity for forgiveness and ease of play. The new Mizuno MX 100 irons look great with the Mizuno Irons blue in the back and the Y-tune bar across the back of the head to help with off centre hits. The ultra pocket cavity similar to the MX 19 irons helps move the centre of gravity low in the head to help generate maximum launch for high and long golf shots. The Mizuno MX 100 iron are available in RH graphite and steel options and LH steel only. Custom fitting is availble�3-9p making the Mizuno MX 100 a great golf club for new golfers to mid handicap golfers who are looking for value for money , a brand name you can trust and a fantastic performing set of golf irons.

Mixuno’s MX-100 iron combines Y-Tune performance with an ultra pocket cavity for the ultimate in forgiveness and ease of play. The re-engineered ultra pocket cavity pushes the MX-100 iron’s centre of gravity low and deep to produce higher ball flight. The massive effective hitting area delivers consistent stability � even on off centre strikes. The Y-Tune’s cavity pad expands the Mizuno MX-100′s vast sweet area higher into the toe section of the club to match the miss hit patterns of amateur golfers to allow golfers of all abilities to enjoy staggering consistency.

The Mizuno MX-100 irons are essentially a larger version of the MX-200 irons. The heads are not only a bit longer, but they also have a wider sole and a larger and deeper cavity behind the head. All this is aimed at the higher handicapper who needsa little extra help with their irons and we are pleased to say they work. The large cavity is visible at address on some of the longer irons, which can be a little off-putting, but the forgiveness of the MX-100 heads soon has you forgetting about this. Even on off-centre hits these Mizuno irons were forgiving with no loss of distance. However if you struggle with your long irons then you may want to drop the 4-iron for the excellent MX-Fli-Hi utility instead. Unusually for a set of irons these days, the MX-100 irons come with a sand iron included and unusually for inclusive sand-irons it is actually pretty good. The wide sole will get you out of the heaviest sand or rough and the feel was pretty good too. The MX-100 irons are cast rather than the forged MX-200 irons an although they don’t feel quite as nice, they still give plenty of feel, even if they do seem a little heavier from that bigger cavity. Overall a good set of irons for the high handicapper who wants to improve.

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Question by jimbo dee: I have heard you can buy single Mizuno irons but can’t find where from. Does anyone know?

Best answer:

Answer by Ohio_Golfer34

Ebay has a single club option.

See here for the Mizuno options:

Good Luck!

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The GM Test Team head down to the London Club in Kent to test the new Mizuno JPX-800 Pro irons
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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