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Nitro Assorted Callaway B Grade Recycled Golf Balls (Value Pack of 48)

August 26, 2011

Nitro Assorted Callaway B Grade Recycled Golf Balls (Value Pack of 48)

  • Assorted models & styles
  • Recycled means savings!
  • Performance is not compromised
  • Each ball is washed, cleaned and inspected
  • Satisfaction quaranteed

Nitro Recycled Golf Balls are recycled to the highest standards possible. 48 assorted Callaway styles and models offer you a wide range of features in one easy purchase. A great value of the super Callaway brand.

List Price: $ 30.00

Price: $ 26.97

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo

Golfers who are familiar with the Callaway brand (and let's face unless you have never played, even, one round of golf, you will have heard the name) will not be surprised to discover that a Callaway driver bearing the name Big Bertha will possess a massive 460 cc clubface, which is the largest permitted driver clubface (as stated by the R&A, Royal and Ancient, and the USGA, United States Golf Association).

However, what may surprise golfers is the new shape clubhead on the Callaway Diablo driver. The two head shapes of the Diablo have been engineered to suit golfers who have, firstly, no problem keeping that golf ball on the straight and narrow ( the neutral head) or, secondly,� have a tendency to slice the golf ball ( the draw clubhead).� Callaway have conspired to create, with the draw clubhead, a driver that makes it practically impossible to slice the golf to the right and any golfer that has ever suffered with this problem will appreciate how many points they will shave off the round totals with the Diablo. Weight has been located in specific locations on the outer limits of the driver face, to best suit the requirements of players with differing requirements. Devilishly clever, those Callaway engineers.


So, that's great for a slice of the ball, but, what can it do for the golfer who requires little or no help drawing the golf ball straight and true?

Hyperbolic Face Technology has allowed the Diablo to increase ball speed over the whole club face.

So, the Diablo driver from Callaway allows a golfer to hit the ball faster (Callaway's highest ball speed) and truer than ever before, but, Callaway did not just sit back and decide that was enough.

The Big Bertha Diablo is, also, blessed with an extremely liberal sweet spot, thus, making, even, a miss-hit look like Lucifer has given a helping hand to the golfer that chooses to make his drive with this club.

The Callaway Big Bertha Diablo, available from Golfbuyitonline, has brought together innovative design ideas to create a fiendishly useful driver� that will leaving playing partner's wondering how the devil you managed to pull off the shot.

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Question by L DOG: which is better talormade ,callaway or titeleist golf balls.?

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It is all subjective, pick one that does it for you.

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