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Little League World Series 2009

August 26, 2011

Little League World Series 2009

  • New announcers including legendary announcers Brent Musburger and Gary Thorne call all the play by play action.
  • New collectibles/talents, including power-ups for added strategy, new talent vs. talent face-offs, and a variety of all new cards can be unlocked and collected for added re-playability.
  • Expanded World Series Mode with full team editor, regional tournaments and 6 new stadiums.
  • Enhanced character creator allows for customization of batting, pitching and fielding styles, choice of equipment such as Louisville Slugger bats, Wilson helmets, Easton catcher’s gear and more, unique uniform creation.
  • Plenty of skill challenges, including 4 of the best from last season, plus 2 all-new fun challenges unique to this release.

Step up to the plate and swing for the fences with the next season of Little League World Series Baseball 2009! Player return to the baseball diamond with improved controls, more stadiums, more teams, new talents, new Skill Challenges and more fun than ever before! Enjoy the National Pastime like never before as you step up to the plate to swing for the fences and take to the field to play defense with the next season of Little League World Series Baseball 2009. Follow-up to the 2008 ver

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 22.75

Related Wilson Balls Products
Ball Screw Repair – Want to Get It Done?

Regardless of the wear or damage to your ball screws, you can get them repaired. Virtually any ball screw up to six inches in diameter and 30 feet in length can be repaired. There are some companies which even specialize in emergency repair. They can repair most ball screw assemblies in the market today. All ball screws that are repaired should be checked for proper torque drag and operating smoothness. There are places offering a 48 Hour Balls crew repair and return service on any makes and models of ball screws, Lead Screws, Spindles, Chucks and Blow Molding Machines Parts. This should reduce your worries as now you need not worry about which model you have and where you can get it repaired.

Some Levels of Ball Screw Repairs –

Level 1:- it consists of disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, straightening the chrome and grind worn or damaged journals. Then polishing and reloading it to a correct preload. Also installing new wipers, if needed


Level 2:- it consists of disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, straightening, polishing and reloading it to a correct preload. Also installing new wipers is included.

Level 3:- it consists of disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, straightening of Chrome and grind worn or damaged journals. Then regrinding the screw threads and manufacture a new nut, also loading to a correct preload and installing new wipers

Level 4:- Manufacture of new ball screw and nut for meeting or exceeding specifications:

1. Reverse engineer, design new components

2. Regrind standard, metric threads

3. Manufacture and repair of wipers and seals

4. Manufacture and repair of return tubes, deflectors.

5. Adjusting the preload

6. Loading new ball bearings

7. Re-machine worn, damaged, or broken journal emergency repair service is also available for those times when it is critical that you get it back up and running quickly.

Why a rebuilding the ball screw is an alternative to a new ball screw unit?

Well, the cost and the rapid turn-around service that you are supplied when you choose a good company makes rebuilding the ball screw a better option. Cost is just as significant as turnaround time and both are kept in mind while rebuilding the ball screw. It makes sense to repair your worn or damaged Ball screws as they are expensive to replace and often have to be specially ordered. A ball screw rebuilt can significantly reduce your downtime and productions lose.

The author has more information about ball screws at his site:

Article from

St Mary’s College Ball 1990
wilson balls

Image by garethjmsaunders
Back row: Ian Fogg, ?, Richard Leigh, Gareth Saunders (me), Paul, Peter Leeming
Front Row: Gillian Wilson, Julie Davies, Gillian, Cate McGowan, Julie Tomkinson, Kirsty.

(If anyone can fill in the blanks that would be great.)

Question by Terrell W: basketball wilson ball?
ok i hate wilson basketballs becuz when you shoot they come out why is that cuz am going to play at a community college when it start but what ball do they play with i know NCAA play with wilson as you can see it come out when they shoot

Best answer:

Answer by visa187(Gimme Best answer PLZ)
Maybe it’s your shooting…not the ball. Go with anything spaliding or vega ib7s

Give your answer to this question below!

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