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Callaway Golf Rain Hood Towel, Black

August 25, 2011

Callaway Golf Rain Hood Towel, Black

  • A combination rain cover and towel, the 20″ x 20″ jacquard towel is made of cotton and nylon
  • These large towels will help keep you and your clubs clean and dry
  • Plastic clip attaches directly to the bag

The Callaway CG Rain Hood Towel features the following: 20″ x 40″ Combo rain cover and towel Made of cotton and nylon Carabiner clip attachment

List Price: $ 34.00

Price: $ 24.50

How Much Do You Know About Golf Clubs Shaft

Do you often encounter the following problems? With the same golf clubs, you friend can drive 300 yard, however you can only get 250 yard no matter how hard you tried. But your distance of irons is the same with that of your friends’. Just think about what connects your body and golf clubs’ head. It is shaft. Shaft transmits the power. So let’s begins with shaft, from which you can fully understand your golf clubs.

I don’t want to talk about how to make the shaft. That is what manufacturers should concern about. Let’s discuss what kind of message and information manufacturers provide, which is helpful for us to understand this club and to choose the correct ones.

Original clubs will provide the following specifications: Flex, Weight, Torque, Butt Size, Tip Size, Trajectory, Length and so on.�Take Callaway X22 Irons for example, retailors sell irons with stiff or regular flex. L and XS flex are often chosen by minority.


As known to everyone, flex is devided into several levels, LL ? L ? RR ? R ? SR ? S ? XS. Powerful golf players often use clubs with s flex shaft. If you can hit 40 yards with 7 iron, you would choose R flex. I’d like to let everybody know the meaning behind the specification, the definition of the flex. Generally speaking, flex is measured by the coefficient vibration machine on the condition of shaft length fixed.

It is hard to define different golf players’ ability, but swing speed is able to reflect the power you use this golf clubs. This power not only refers to the arm, wrist, grip strength, it also reflects the head speed you on behalf of smoothly swing. Using different golf clubs, adopting different swing ways, your swing speed will vary accordingly. Some golf brands clearly mark the specs of its clubs shaft, which enable golf players to choose the appropriate golf clubs for themselves.

Note: Golfers must be aware of their own swing speed and rhythm in order to more accurately select the most appropriate shaft flex.

Callaway golf clubs with regular and stiff flex available at

Golfclubshot is a golf fan, 25 years old. He loves music, sports and travel. Like many young people, he spends a lot of time on surfing on Internet. He is strongly interested in anything new and strange. As an editor of, he writes most on golf news, golf clubs reviews, famous golfers, golf playing skills and tips for selecting suitable golf clubs.

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Question by Kevin: When buying pre owned golf clubs what does average look like?
I’m looking to buy a set of golf clubs from Callaway Pre and I’m looking at the different conditions of the clubs. Has anyone ever bought clubs from this website and can you tell me the condition and your experience buying them?

Best answer:

Answer by Jehan
On average, how much does a golf club fitting cost? – Yahoo! Answers
10 May 2008 … On average, how much does a golf club fitting cost? … if you buy their clubs, it would be free, but if you are not buying clubs and are just getting your specs, … additional fee but it does give you more info than most so look for … Buy Pre-Owned Callaway Golf Clubs at Callaway Golf Pre-Owned.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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