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Callaway XJ Junior 11-Piece Girl's Golf Club Set (9-12 Years Old, Right Hand)

August 24, 2011

Callaway XJ Junior 11-Piece Girl’s Golf Club Set (9-12 Years Old, Right Hand)

  • 360cc all-titanium driver has a large sweet spot for outstanding distance and forgiveness
  • Stainless steel fairway wood with the X-Sole Design for consistent alignment, and perimeter weighting for high MOI
  • Stainless steel 5-, 7- and 9-irons with Extreme Notch Weighting for amazing forgiveness and stability
  • XJ Odyssey 2-Ball Putter makes lining up putts easier and more accurate
  • Lightweight stand bag has a 3-way triangular top, features 7 zippered pockets, a double strap, an MP3 player holder

The ultimate set of clubs for junior girls looking to jump-start their love of the game. The XJ Girls Set built for juniors ages 9-12 or between 51-60 inches tall is small in size, but big on technology. Every club comes with some of the innovations Callaway Golf put into its men’s and women’s X Series Clubs. The XJ Series provide the perfect combination of performance and forgiveness so girls can play confidently and aggressively with golf clubs designed specifically for their unique swing

List Price: $ 300.00

Price: $ 238.99

Look into Callaway Golf Operational Process

��� Callaway Golf is one of the most famous top golf manufacturers in the world. How can Callaway achieve such success?Let’s Look into Callaway Golf Operational Process, including clubs’ design, producing and sale process.

��� Callaway designs and tests all the shafts at the Helmstetter Center, and the clubheads are the same case. Callaway produces every prototype shaft by hand at the Helmstetter Center, but they contracts shaft-production out to other independent shaft producers as soon as specifications are fixed for the different graphite shafts which are used in its product line. As the same case with clubheads, callaway’s shafts comes from incoming shipments and inspected at R&D facility of Callaway company. While the steel shafts are contracted and tested in a similar way. In late 1990s, Callaway had produced as much as 50% of its graphite shafts by itself, but in 2000 contracted 100% of its shaft quto.

��� The reason why Callaway�golf clubs are�able to achieve great improvement in its quality control inspections throughtout all the procedures of club’s assembly lies in Callaway golf’s cell manufacturing process. In addtion to that, the assembly factory was highly automated, with all processes requiring very tight tolerances performed by computer-controlled machinery. For instance, the drilling necessary to produce Callaway’s tapered hore-thru hosels was done by a series of precision drill presses that ensured that each hosel was drilled at the correct angle. As soon as the hosel had been drilled through, the clubhead moved to a production station that checked the lie and loft angles. � ��� Now the following is about the shaft inspection process. Every shaft is inspected for fractures in priority to insert into the head of clubs, and then the entire assembled club was weighed to test the swing weight of clubs. Callaway workers who are on production line could choose between medallions of four different weights to bring a finished iron to the exact specified swing weight. The choosed medallion was permanently affixed to the back of clubhead with a press. Swing weights for assembled woods were brought to their specifications by inserting epoxy through a small hole in the rear of the clubhead. � ���� After getting through a baking process, which dried the glue used to attach the shaft to the clubhead, each club was fitted with a grip using a laser alignment device, airburshed with details like the club number and Callaway trademarks, and then visually inspected for blemishes or�other imperfections. Each finished club was wrapped by hand to protect its finish during shipping. � ��� However, sales and customer service department takes great effort to new product development at Callaway Golf Company. It is a cross-funtional efforts included not only the R&D staff but also the company’s sales and advertising staffs. Callaway golf clubs sales and advertising staffs evaluate new designs created by the company’s aerospace engineers and would recommand design changed, based on their knowledge of the market. Once a new design was settled on, Callaway’s sales force and internal advertising staff would creat a name for the new product line, an advertising campaign, and promotional materials that would accompany the product launch in parallel with the R&D staff’s development and testing processes.

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Question by Thank you God!: What kind of callaway golf club is this?
Could you provide a link for more info please? thank you.

Im pretty sure its a forged wedge but what does the 14, 56, and + after the word forged mean?

Best answer:

Answer by Boongogle
go to a golf store to get it checked and just ask them…

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Justin talks about his golf game and tries out new diablo 6-iron and other clubs at Callaway Golf Center in Las Vegas.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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