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Ball of Fire Sheet Music

August 23, 2011

Ball of Fire Sheet Music

Digital Sheet Music of Ball of FireComposed by: Tommy James; Mike Vale; W. Wilson; P. Nauman; Bruce SudanoPerformed by: Tommy James and the ShondellsFHID:120571First Line is Scarlet hovering my head, pretty and red, pretty and red And the ball of fire in the sky, keeps a-watchin’ over you and IDigital Sheet Music of Ball of FireComposed by: Tommy James; Mike Vale; W. Wilson; P. Nauman; Bruce SudanoPerformed by: Tommy James and the ShondellsFHID:120571First Line is Scarlet hovering my head, prett

List Price: $ 4.95


Custom Logo Golf Balls, Unique and Special

Looking for something special to give your guests at your wedding? Or maybe its your company’s anniversary and you would like to give a gift that your clients and employees will cherish? Look no further, there are custom logo golf balls available which solve all your woes. Today in the age of getting personalized gifts, and these custom made balls will look suave and turn heads with their unique prints. Companies and individuals can make a choice on what they would like printed on the balls,and this will be used on all of them. For example, on Valentines day, a husband can gift his wife, who loves golf, a set of custom made golf balls with different love words or images on them. This would make their relationship better and be a perfect gift.

Similarly, corporates can use these custom logo facility to get their company’s logo on the balls while giving them out to all they are in contact with. Not only will their clients cherish it, they will also remember the thoughtful gesture on the company’s part and will come back to them for more business.

Choose from among the major brands available, such as Titleist, Wilson,Maxfli, Bridgestone or maybe Pinnacle, and get your logo printed on them.

If you have been using Maxfli golf balls for your games and are happy with its performance, you could pick out these soft balls and get logos on them. They not only go quite a distance but pack quite a punch under the hard exterior. It feels smooth using these balls in the games, and they work well on the green as well. In case you are looking for large orders, you will get a good discount as well, and can place orders for about 12 dozen or more with them. Give them the details of the logo you wish to have embossed on the balls, and sit back waiting for the box to be delivered to you. If you have placed orders on the website, and are a regular customer, it shouldn’t take more than a week, however it will take longer if you are first time customer with them.

Looking for double logo on the golf balls, be prepared to shell out a bit more for this task. You will also need to specify the area where the logo will be printed, it could be on top, or center, and so on. The size will also be determined by you, and if it is not possible, the manufacturer will direct you on what is the best alternative to go for. Custom logo balls are a rage amidst corporate executives, as they can take these balls out on the field and play showing off the company they are associated with. For some, it is a sort of status symbol having customized golf clubs or balls to play with. Be assured that the golf balls you ordered come fresh from the factory and are printed in clear colors.

Article written by Robert Riles, who is the owner of Where we sell a large selection of sports items

such as womens golf clubs,
custom logo golf balls and golf travel


Article from

Humungous Disappointment
wilson balls

Image by teresia
Crummy old Wilson ball doesn’t have wool string in it, just a big hunk of corky stuff. Pooh!

Question by Daniel: how much does a can of wilson tennis ball cost in london in pounds?

Best answer:

Answer by TennisRules
Check out this site:

Wilson tennis balls are usually around 1.50 pounds

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