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The Quick Guide to Buying Golf Equipment

August 22, 2011

The Quick Guide to Buying Golf Equipment

Golf – The best way to ruin a good walk. For those of us who love the sport, buying new equipment is important to improving our game. Of course, for those new to golf, getting the right equipment as a beginner is equally as vital. This unbiased quick-read guide explains what you need to know to ensure that the salesperson is giving you advice that will benefit you, and selling you equipment that suits your style – rather than his bonus pot or commission structure!
Golf – The best way to ruin

List Price: $ 2.99


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Setting up new Weller soldering iron.
ping irons

Image by Mike Dent
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Question by mildjack: Is 200 dollers a good buy for a complete set of ping zing 2 irons white dots, and 3 older big bertha drivers?
also comes with a ping bag. if you know a better counter offer let me know. I am a short golfer but the used clubs feel like the right size. I am a beginer if that helps.

Best answer:

Answer by Leader Desslok
That is not a bad price at all as long as the clubs are in good shape. As a beginner, you will get an excellent set of clubs for a fraction of the new price.

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New ping irons not even out yet
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