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Taylormade Catalina 2.0 Cart Bag- Is It Any Good?

August 21, 2011

Taylormade Catalina 2.0 Cart Bag review

I will be discussing my personal Taylormade Catalina 2.0 Cart Bag review in this article. Most of you might already be familiar with the Taylormade Catalina Cart Bag. I have used around 3 bags till now, and as in 2011, it is still one of the best golf cart bags to keep all my golf gear organized. I will reveal how this bag actually feels when using, what are its benefits and disadvantages compared to other cart bags, and finally, I will disclose a secret source to get this bag at a discount of 26% compared to the normal market price. All in all, this review will help you decide for yourself whether you really want to have this bag in your golf arsenal or not.

Taylormade Catalina 2.0 Cart Bag Review and Discount

taylormade catalina 2.0 cart bagI will sum up the Taylormade Catalina 2.0 Cart bag review in a short paragraph here for readers short on time. This cart bag makes selection and withdrawal of clubs from the bag a real breeze as it is loaded with 14 full length dividers. No mingling with other clubs and no irritation while pulling out the clubs from the bag as each club gets in own separate place from top to bottom. If you have used some bags without many dividers before, then you can understand the feeling I am talking about. Not only clubs, but there are also separate pockets to keep tees and golf balls organized. It comes with a built in cooler and has drainage holes at bottom, which really proves helpful in case of rain or cleaning. I do not need to turn the bag to drain any water. the rain bag helps to protect the clubs from rusting by shielding them from rain. The loading and unloading of the bag is really easy as well, thanks to the front handles. The special Taylormade designed karabiners help to hang things (like keys etc.) easily inside the pockets of the bag. The side pockets are expandable so enough space is never a problem. There are a total of 9 pockets so I can store almost anything I need inside one bag.

I got this bag at a 26% discount from Amazon. The market price of the Taylormade Catalina 2.0 Cart bag in the golf shop near my house is $230. But surprisingly, i got it from amazon at a price of $169 only, and that too with free shipping. I prefer to get my golf equipment from Amazon as I get the shipping free as most of the equipment is over the $25 minimum purchase for free shipping. Additionally I do not need to waste time and keep driving to find my favorite golf equipment in expensive golf shops. I have been using Amazon for about 3 years now without any problems ever. I get most of my orders shipped within 2-3 days. As the prize of most of the taylormade golf gear is expected to go high soon in 2011, I have already purchased my “on the list things”. Here is the 26% discount link if you want to see the official amazon site too.

How is Taylormade Catalina cart bag better than other golf cart bags?

I will list the features that make the Taylormade Catalina 2.0 Cart bag so special for me. Other bags I have used did not make full use of these features. So here they are:

  1. Taylormade Catalina Cart bags have a real muscular design, which I personally prefer over my previous golf bags. Although not the biggest advantage, I feel more vibrant carrying this bag with me on the golf course whenever I play.
  2. The expandable side pocket feature really makes life easy when I need to keep wider thing in the pockets. Think of any trophy or box which won't fit inside a regular size pocket. It is not a problem in my bag.
  3. The 14 full length dividers make the insertion and pulling out of clubs a child's play. These dividers remove any frustration due to tangling of iron heads and really easy and convenient feature, and easily my favorite feature.
  4. The integrated putter tube comes in really handy as I do not have to spend any time searching for this club.
  5. The large built in cooler pocket with bottom drainage ports is especially useful for hot season.
  6. The loading and unloading of the bag is pretty easy too due to the integrated front handles. This feature is missing in most of the other bags. Saves a lot of time and effort while loading and unloading.
  7. And what I really like about it is that in spite of the large size and all the features included above, the Taylormade Catalina Cart Bag weight just 5 pounds. How about that for convenience!

Taylormade Catalina 2.0 Cart Bag Conclusion

Taylormade Catalina 2 cart bagAs I am able to keep all my irons and clubs well organized, the Taylormade Catalina Cart Bag helps increase my efficiency and concentration on the game while on golf course. I am actually able to concentrate on my game as the hassle of grabbing clubs and the irritating feeling due to mingling of clubs has completely disappeared. In spite of the large size and a whole lot of features described above, the bag weighs just around 5 pounds. I really cannot think of going to the course without this bag since I started using it. As the prices are expected to go up soon, you might want to check out the 10% discount link at Amazon now. With this note, I will conclude my Taylormade Catalina 2.0 Cart Bag review.

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