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Callaway Men's Bio-Kinetic Tour Golf Shoe,White/White/Silver,US Men's 10.5 M Review

August 21, 2011

Callaway Men’s Bio-Kinetic Tour Golf Shoe,White/White/Silver,US Men’s 10.5 M

  • Callaway Comfort Technology in the midsole and tongue
  • Triangular Traction Design with 9 New Chevron Comfort Spikes
  • Callaway Rainsport/Drysport waterproof technology

If your golf bio is an extensive list of mishaps�slices, bogeys and missed greens�then maybe it’s time for a change. Start with your shoes and upgrade to a pair of these awesome Bio-Kinetic Tour golf shoes from Callaway®. Features Callaway Comfort Technology – Provides three levels of comfort in the midsole, footbed and tongue for superior comfort on the ball of the feet, heel area and surface area of the tongue to reduce lace pressure. Soft, waterproof leather upper for unmatched perf

List Price: $ 203.95

Price: $ 159.99

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Great Golf Shoes For Great Golfer

We often said that women love shoes, in fact, the golf gentlemen also are keen to golf shoes, no less than women. A pair of good quality golf shoes can not only make the golfer have a good looking, but also can help play the game confidently on the golf course.


Golf is not a very strenuous exercise, the rhythm of play is not very rapid with callaway ft-iz driver, although not every time the foot must be under a lot of impact, but generally need to complete 18 holes to go about 6 miles away. In this process, the body’s gravity have been placed on your feet, so I chose a pair of comfortable shoes, both for the amateur or professional players, is a good way to protect the feet, not to let your feet suffer would not result in ankle injuries.



Choose fashion beautiful red, yellow, or calm restrained gray, black, or close to natural white, green? The color of the shoes should match with the socks, pants and jacket with coordination. On the other hand, the color of the shoes can play a certain extent, concentration, confidence in the role. Now, with the development of technology, many high-techs to be used in the manufacture of golf shoes, leather shoes easy to clean, comfortable air-cushioned shoes, soft heels soft and flexible, market and types of golf shoe brands increasing. So, often active golfers in the golf course, how to choose their own shoes and they can add to the confidence it?


What is really a good pair of golf shoes? How many dazzling shoes from, the choice to fit their own a pair? In addition to its unique taste and style requirements, some scientific point of view of inspiration will bring us more help.


People who play golf know that the stability of the swing plate from under the stable, and stable under the disk, you need a pair of comfortable shoes and a strong sense of stability to support and foot stability increases, the absolute will help speed up the swing speed .


Therefore, golf players need at least a pair of good golf shoes so that they can make more effective transmission of power to swing the golf club, the ball straight and far too open. Therefore, the stability is greater than all; a good pair of shoes should be the greatest responsibility.

The author said that golf players need at least a pair of good golf shoes so that they can make more effective transmission of power to swing the golf clubs.

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