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Callaway Ball HX Hot Plus Golf Balls (12-Pack)

August 21, 2011

Callaway Ball HX Hot Plus Golf Balls (12-Pack)

  • NEW! Speed Layer increases ball speed for longer distance with more penetrating trajectories.
  • NEW! High-Speed core has higher resiliency to increase ball velocity across a wide range of swing speeds.
  • HEX Aerodynamics reduces drag and promotes a stronger, more penetrating ball flight that cuts through the air.
  • Ionomer cover generates long drives and even longer playability.

Our longest 3-piece golf ball just got a distance upgrade with better feel. The new HX Hot Plus continues to push the boundaries of ball speed allowed under the rules of golf. The new high-speed hot core has a higher resiliency for even longer distance while providing the enhanced feel preferred by better players. The new Speed Layer increases ball speed off the driver and the Ionomer cover with HEX Aerodynamics has been optimized for long, penetrating ball flight that provides superior performa

List Price: $ 35.00

Price: $ 35.00

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Getting The Upper Hand Using Preowned Callaway Golf Products

No matter if you are just beginning the game�or a professional, new Callaway golf clubs or Callaway preowned clubs are a bright spot to your game. No matter if you have played for years or have just a raw beginner, one would round out their education about golf equipment�by reviewing all that the�Callaway brand manufactures offers.

The Callaway brand�is world class in its quality and they are one of the top brand names that cater to the various needs of golfers. Hardly used Callaway clubs are much cheaper and available at steep discount. Used Callaway clubs are graded and certified with structural integrity of the head, as to proper length, proper loft, serial number authentication, integrity of the shaft and head, grips are replaced and the swing weight checked and field tested. These meticulous tests makes preowned Callaway clubs a prime purchase.

If you are in the market for a new pair of golf clubs, definitely look at Callaway golf clubs. They may not suit everyone�but clubs and equipment�by Callaway�can compete with the best in the world. Callaway drivers are world famous. Official games do not let all Callaway driver equipment compete since it will drive the ball further than other drivers. If you just golf weekends, it can add to the excitement of the game. The shaft is not too heavy and the head�has a good deal of weight to it. There hollow head drivers liken them like fairway woods. There are a lot of different club models to choose from.

There are golf clubs and club sets crafted to suit the the experienced and newbie. It allows those new to the game a superior set of clubs. Using a superior product helps one become a better player. The features range from adjustable golf clubs to half sets that help you get used to the sport in no time. Many golf pros and coaches will recommend that amateur player start by purchasing a “half-set” golf clubs. The makeup of� these sets have only the even or odd numbered irons, a 3-wood and a putter. A typical set would be 3,5,7,9,PW,SW and 3-wood.

Callaway provides you with the entire range of products necessary for the game from golf apparel, golf shoes or even the hats and shirts, golf bags to golf balls and a whole lot more branded products.� Callaway has something for everyone, from beginner to professional.

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Question by epiphone_guitar: What are better golf clubs, Nike or Callaway?

Best answer:

Answer by Katie
definitely callaway but they are more expensive

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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