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Callaway Diablo Edge 5 Fairway Wood(Regular,Right-handed,Graphite) Review

August 19, 2011

Callaway Diablo Edge 5 Fairway Wood(Regular,Right-handed,Graphite)

  • Ultra-Thin VFT Face Creates hotter ball speeds across the entire face for longer, more consistent shots.
  • Extreme Perimeter Weighting Callaway?s highest MOI ever in a fairway wood dramatically improves accuracy.
  • Center of Gravity Optimization Standard models feature the deepest center of gravity of any fairway wood Callaway for high trajectories. The Tour models have the lowest, shallowest CG of any Callaway fairway wood for penetrating trajectories.
  • Looks and Performance for Every Player Standard models have slightly larger clubheads and proven Callaway core technologies. Tour models have full hosels, less face progression and smaller, more conventional head shapes.

The new Diablo Edge Fairway Woods are the longest, straightest steel fairway woods Callaway has ever made, with distance gains of 10-12 yards over Big Bertha Diablo. That's not just better, that's a game changer. The ultra-thin VFT face creates hotter ball speeds for longer, more consistent distance. The clubs also feature the highest MOI ever in a Callaway fairway wood for improved accuracy. Diablo Edge Fairway Woods are slightly larger, feature proven Callaway core technologies and possess

List Price: $ 250.00


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Question by shanna c: I bought a golf club from callaway golf, fedex delerved to wrong add or something?
no one signed for it I assume they just left it in someones door , what can I do, it was a 500 club?

Best answer:

Answer by chucksright
if you paid with a credit card, contact them first.

then contact fed ex or callaway.

many carriers like ups leave things outside all the time, until something gets lost or stolen, then when you make a claim from then on you have to sign for everything.

it shouldn’t be a problem getting it replaced, just be calm and don’t get crazy or mad cause they deal with crazy ppl all day.

have your order no and any documentation you have ready.

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driver: Taylormade R9, UST proforce v2 S flex putter: White Hot Tour #9 custom paint fill irons: Callaway X20 4thruAW stiff flex wedge:Taylormade rac 56 3 wood: Cleveland Hibore 15 degree, Prototype stiff flex rescue: Taylormade rescue 17 degree, stiff flex balls: ProV1x
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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