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Wilson US Open Premium Flame Ball Tennis Visor � Navy

August 18, 2011

Wilson US Open Premium Flame Ball Tennis Visor – Navy

  • Classic 6-panel construction with sewn eyelets and relaxed front panels
  • Internal terry sweatband is soft and provides moisture management
  • Adjustable Velcro fabric closure on back provides a customizable fit
  • Wilson logo embroidered on side of visor and back strap
  • AWL00104

This one-of-a-kind visor from Wilson features an embroidered US Open and Wilson logos and an internal terry cloth sweatband to keep sweat out of your eyes when temperatures rise. Flame Ball logo is uniquely stamped into the fabric of the brim.
One size fits all
100% polyester
Color(s) Dark Royal
Official Licensed US Open Product

Price: $ 19.99

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Wilson gloves like the a2000 baseball glove delivers high performance

The first baseball gloves used were in the 1870′s with the basic aim to create a glove that would pad and protect the players hand and provide as a cushion while catching the ball. History’s first baseball gloves were made with leather pieces being sewn together in order to fit over a players hand. By mid 1890′s it had become a norm for the players to wear gloves in the field and before that the players used to play without any protective equipment. Vintage baseball gloves mean old or antique baseball gloves used by former great players. A vintage baseball glove can be a unique gift especially for those who has many memories related to great players of the past times. The simplicity of these gloves makes them the perfect gift and these days a lot of vintage baseball mitts are available in the market.

Classic baseball mitts and gloves can be easily purchased on sale online or in any vintage or antique stores and museums. The vintage baseball gloves were hand made unlike the recent ones which are machine made. There is a large collection of vintage baseball gloves available at these places with which you can choose and buy the one which you want. Vintage baseball mitts are found in various designs, sizes, brands, styles and shapes which gives the buyer wide choice to choose from. Rawlings glove, Wilson a2000 glove, Nokona glove and Spalding glove were the brands which were mainly available during olden times. Now days you even get replicas of these vintage baseball gloves but the main difference is that the original vintage gloves were made of high quality leather and are long lasting. The prices of these gloves depend on the condition of the glove and they differ from dealers to dealers and collectors to collectors.


Some points which can be useful while purchasing vintage gloves are;

* Crescent padding was the popular style from 1890 to 1910. Later on from 1920 to 1940 such gloves were used in softballs.

* Rawlings glove, Wilson a2000 glove, Spalding gloves and Mac Gregor gloves were the famous branded gloves during 1950′s.

* In 1920′s and 1930′s gloves were made from horsehide.

* Till 1940′s there was no lacing between the fingers in the gloves.

* The age of the gloves can be estimated by the web style,

1. Web free gloves were made before 1900 and it is known as “workman” style.

2. From 1900 to 1915 “full web” gloves were made. These webs are sewn into the thumb and forefinger.

Rawlings glove, Wilson a2000 glove, Nokona gloves are those vintage baseball glove brands which can be given as gifts to those whole love baseball and cherish memories of great players of the past. Vintage baseball gloves were made of durable, lightweight leather and are were hand-stitched and hand-sewn. Proper care and maintenance of the vintage baseball gloves can increase their lifetime and they are best stored in dry places. Vintage baseballs are usually kept in specially designed boxes to keep them in their original form.

wilson balls

Image by Battal Gazi
using for 2 months, I could say they have a high p/p ratio, highly recommended.

Question by al s: Nike power distance soft vs Wilson Staff zip golf ball ?
For the money I really like the nike power distance soft golf ball. Haven’t tried the Wilson Staff zip golf ball yet but am interested. Any experience with both? Like to get your opinion. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by soonerguy89
ive used both of these balls and i preferred the nike distance soft. i felt like it had good touch around the green and at the same time hit well off the tee. I think maybe subconsciously i didnt like the wilson probably because it was a wilson. Also, if it aint broke than dont fix it, so id stick with the nike

Add your own answer in the comments!

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