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Callaway Golf X-22 Irons, Set of 8 (4-SW, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff)

August 17, 2011

Callaway Golf X-22 Irons, Set of 8 (4-SW, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff)

  • Precision Notch Weighting raises the MOI while maintaining the optimal CG position
  • Tour-inspired head shape includes a thinner top line and narrower sole
  • Modified Tru-Bore dampens vibration for enhanced feel and performance
  • Core technologies include VFT, S2H2 and 360-Degree Undercut Channel
  • Gold medal winner in “game improvement” category from Golf Digest; 2-year warranty

Callaway Golf has had the same goal in mind when it comes to X Series irons- set the performance standard for the industry. The new X-22 Irons don’t disappoint and are the best X Series irons Callaway Golf has ever created. By maximizing perimeter weighting , these irons boast an MOI that’s 10 percent higher than their predecessors. The ideal CG position has been preserved, generating optimal ball-flight trajectories. The Modified Tru-Bore design has been incorporated, dampening vibration for e

List Price: $ 1,120.00

Price: $ 676.93

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Golf Irons Buying Guide

One of the most asked questions of any golfer is: What type of club should I play with? The answer to that question is both easy and sometimes very difficult to answer. Whether your name is Phil Mickleson or Joe Smith, there is a set of irons just for you. Driving the ball is a very important part of the game but there is no doubting that the most essential and basic part of any golfers game is their iron play. The type of iron in your golf bag is like bread and butter on your dinner plate. All golf professionals know that your ability to control and shape the iron shot is what will define your game. It is great to be an excellent driver of the golf ball, but unless you find the green with your approach shots, it will be all in vain and become very difficult to post a good number. Irons make up about 8 or 9 clubs of 14 that are allowed in the�golf bag, so it becomes very important in finding the correct set for you. If the golfer can find the correct set of clubs they will find considerable improvement in their golf game. Finding the best fit for you can be difficult because of so many models in today’s market. There are so many clubs offered with different specs that choosing the best for your game can be confusing. This Buying Guide is meant to help you find the-The Holy Grail of Golf-the perfect set of irons.


Types of irons
Forged Irons Forging a club is very similar to what the village blacksmith used to do. The metal is sunk into a rough shape and then hammered until the desired design is complete. The manufacturer is then presented with a raw forging iron, which is a close approximation of the club head desired. The carbon steel or chrome club head is then by finished by milling, grinding and drilling. The end result is a solid looking, soft metal iron that has a reduced sweet spot. The completed forged irons are aimed towards good players who place importance on the feel to be able work shots and control trajectory. Cast Irons The alternative to forged irons is the cast iron. This type of iron involves pouring the liquid metal into a mould. Producing the metal through a mould means that the manufacturers can make more complex head designs. Therefore, cast irons are more suited to the design of today’s irons that are perimeter weighted and intricate. It is easier and cheaper than forged irons, which is the reason for the lower price tag. Also, you can buy Callaway Diablo Edge Irons for more information.


How Many Clubs Do I Buy? This may seem a fairly elementary question but actually there are many options when it comes to deciding exactly which individual clubs you buy. The most common set of irons is from a 3 iron to a pitching wedge (PW). Many better players may choose to buy 2 to 9 iron and leave room to add specialist wedges. The 2 iron will offer them an extra bit of length on their longest iron and another club to use on the tee. A slightly weaker player or older player may decide to choose 5 iron to SW, the reason being that they will leave room for fairway woods and utility clubs in their bag in place of the longer irons, whilst using wedges provided by the set.


Try Before You Buy! One of the great benefits of buying clubs today, is the option to try clubs and visit demo days. We could not recommend this enough. Just finding the right clubs for you is fine, but unless you actually use them and see how they hit then you may never be sure you are getting the perfect set. If you are after a specific brand you can filter our Ping, Nike, Callaway and�Callaway irons and see which one would best suit your needs. And when you find your perfect iron, or if you already have, then tell us and our readers about it. How does it compare to others you’ve tried and did it improve your game and helped you develop your golf skills. is one of the best cheap golf clubs for sale online stores. You can get your golf equipment and fully enjoy the game.

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Question by Taylor: where can you find callaway irons for less than 200 dollars?

Best answer:

Answer by leedawg
i don’t think you can get Callaway’s for under 200 unless its a set from like 5 years ago

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Donal reviews the Callaway X22 irons for Golfbidder. View our stock here –
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