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Brand-New Corelle 4-Pc Casserole Set Callaway Suitable For Use In Microwave Dishwaster Compatalbe

August 17, 2011

Brand-New Corelle 4-Pc Casserole Set Callaway Suitable For Use In Microwave Dishwaster Compatalbe

  • 4-Pc Casserole Set (Callaway).
  • CALLAWAY pattern.
  • Durable, resistas cracking.
  • Suitable for use in microwave and is dishwaster compatalbe.
  • Set includes 1 1/2 and 2 1/2-qt round dishes with covers.

CALLAWAY pattern.Durable, resistas cracking.Suitable for use in microwave and is dishwaster compatalbe.Set includes 1 1/2 and 2 1/2-qt round dishes with covers.

List Price: $ 59.48

Price: $ 34.99

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What’s In Phil Mickleson’s Bag?

2010 Masters winner Phil Mickleson is one of the world’s best known golfers.� And, if it wasn’t for a certain fist pumping and club flinging athlete named Tiger Woods, he is arguably the best golfer of this generation.� Yet it is due to his humble, dare I say, “meek” persona that he just doesn’t draw the same type of notoriety that others of his caliber do.� To help good old “Lefty” out, I wanted to take up a few inches of internet real estate and discuss the tools that this master craftsman uses to stay atop the PGA leader board year after year.

Speaking of what Mickleson carries in his bag as he racks up top finishes on some of the worlds toughest courses, let’s start with the bag itself.� As Callaway Golf’s marquis star it comes as no surprise he is partial to the brand.� He, or more correctly stated, his caddie, carries a red and black Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Tour Bag.� This cart bag features a six- way divider system made of ballistic nylon with leather accents and double-strap connections. Other features are:

10.5 inch molded top with six way dividers; Double strap connections
7 zippered pockets; 1 zippered ‘X-Spann’ pocket provides additional room
2 water bottle pockets; 1 magnetic pocket
Tour touch reinforced body for increased durability
Weighs 10 pounds


Now, it makes sense that the nations hottest golfer has the hottest golf gear.� As he powerfully drives the green, the most common club he’s been using this season is a left handed Callaway FT-9 Tour Drive with 7.5 degrees of loft and a stiff, Fujikura ZCOM 60 Graphite Shaft.

For those long, par 5′s Phil has two hybrid clubs that he puts to work.� His first choice is the Big Bertha Diablo which is listed at 15 degrees, though in some articles he points out that it is more of a 13 degree face.� For those drives that made it a little further along towards the green, he chooses the Callaway Prototype Hybrid with 22 degrees.

When conditions or desires dictate, he also carries the Callaway X-Forged 4 iron and X-Prototype Irons 5 through pitching wedge.� He also switches between several steel shafted X-Forged wedges with different degrees of angle, and alternately hits with a 52, 60, and 64.

Rounding out his club selection is the Odyssey White Hot XG Blade Putter.� IMO, this is the hottest putter on the market, perfectly balanced and has more feeling than most of us guys!�� No idea what that is?� Look it up online or better yet, head to your local pro shop and take a test drive.� I’m sure you will develop a nice case of putter envy as well.

Alright, balls, gloves, and shoes.� He hits the Callaway Tour i(z) ball.� This ball has one of the most durable covers, gives phenomenal distance, great greenside spin, and little driver spin.� Perhaps not the greatest ball for a beginner, but remember, I’m talking about the equipment used by one of the greatest golfers of all time.� For perfecting his grip on the club, Lefty uses the Callaway Pro Series glove, and to keep his feet firmly planted on terra firma, the Callaway HX Tour golf shoe.

So there you have it, as of May 2010.� All the gear you need to drive, chip, and putt your way to greatness like Phil Mickleson.

Hottest Golf Gear is an independent reviewer of the latest and greates golf gear on the market.

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wanna talk to Julia? bring gifts
callaway bags

Image by bschmove
Julia talked to someone at UXWeek from Callaway for a few minutes. She got a hat and a bag of clubs in thanks. Now I hear she demands gifts in tribute before she’ll talk to you.

Question by theredmission: New 3 & 5 Wood – Callaway, Cleveland, TM, etc…???
Okay so w/ the last bit of advice you guys gave me I went out and picked up a set of new fusion irons, now its time to replace my beat up fairway woods.

I’m a lefty that shoots in the high 90′s and now out of college, and finally have the time and money to play more and looking to get better. I’ve looked at and tried a couple different clubs that are at my local pro shop and like the feel and price of the Cleveland Hibore’s but still not sure (They’re asking a firm $ 130 a piece for them). I hit the Callaway Fusion and TM R7 Titaniums woods pretty good too, but they were both pushing $ 200 a pop, and I can’t do that much. Thanks for your advice ahead of time.

This is what’s in my bag now:
Custom built Snake Eyes driver
Crappy old 3 Dunlop wood
Crappy old 5 Dunlop wood
3-PW Callaway Fusion Irons
60* Nike SV Tour Wedge
Odyssey White Hot #5 Putter
I should add that I probably won’t be investing a new driver this year. I still want to get a 56* wedge on top of the 3 & 5 wood and adding a driver in there would be pushing my budget so all I’m looking for is suggestions/advice on those two. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by King
I would get some Callaway fairway woods, and a Nike or Callaway driver. This is from personal experience, I have the X Forged irons (Newer model) and the X-Series 4 Wood.

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Link: Description: TMX T2 Cart Bag…Sophisticated & Functional! The TMX T2 Cart Bag boasts all of the sophistication and functionality of a staff bag in a lighter and slightly smaller package.
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