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Mizuno MP T-10 Black Satin High Lob Wedge 64 07 LW 2010 Review

August 16, 2011

Mizuno MP T-10 Black Satin High Lob Wedge 64 07 LW 2010

Club Specifications:
DEXTERITY: Right-Handed GENDER: Men BRAND: Mizuno MODEL: MP T-10 Black Satin CLUB: High Lob Wedge, 64* SHAFT: Steel SHAFT SPECIFICS: True Temper Dynamic Gold FLEX: Wedge GRIP: Mizuno M-21 LENGTH: Standard CONDITION: Used CONDITION SPECIFICS: Head is not still in the plastic, never been hit, Quad Cut Grooves, Grain Flow Forged

Price: $ 69.99

Mizuno Mx-200 Irons New Golf Clubs Fast Sell!

The MX-200,golf clubs for sale on, takes Grain Flow Forged forgiveness a quantum leap forward with the introduction of Y-Tune performance.

A deep pocket cavity, milled to preserve MX-200′s one piece feel is complemented by a Y shaped reinforcement pad, extending a 5% larger sweet area* into the toe – matching the miss hit patterns of amateur golfers.

Enhanced solidity in the hitting area and an aggressive triple cut sole design ensures MX-200′s place in the bags of both professionals and amateurs.

Custom set build available from 3-PW.

This model is designed to conform to the 2010 Condition of Competition rule.

*Compared to MX-25 on Mizuno sweet area ellipse index


Mizuno MX200 Irons� on the online golf wholesale shop have other new features:

The new Mizuno MX200 Irons�with Y-tune technology are a quantum leap forward in forgiving, game improvement irons with the added benefit of unmistakeable Grain Flow Forged feel. Y-Tune technology successfully extends and expands the sweet area of the clubface out towards the toe to deliver amazing forgiveness on mis-hits. Through the use of a reengineered external power bar and inner Y-shaped cavity pad, the MX-200s are tuned for unbelievable forgiveness, great trajectory, and amazing feel. Further enhancing the forgiveness of the MX-200 is a slightly larger clubhead and the creation of a super-deep, milled pocket that creates a lower, deeper center of gravity, and delivers an easy, high launch. The MX-200 irons with Y-Tune Technology are unmatched in the industry for game improvement forgiveness and solid forged feel.

Innovative Y-Tune Technology provides a massive sweet area for unsurpassed forgiveness.
Grain Flow Forged, 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel provides the ultimate soft, solid, consistent feel.
Durable double nickel chrome plated finish
Modified U-grooves produce the ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions.


Question by Joseph H: I just got new set of golf clubs, let me know what you think.?
I just bought some Taylor Made R540XD, 3-pw with Mizuno’s sensicore shafts, with a Odyssey XG White Hot #5 Putter. What do you gus think of this set so far. Whats agood Driver I should get. Thanks for your opions

Best answer:

Answer by crazylilchick928
cobra driver.

What do you think? Answer below!

There’s something for everyone with this autumn’s two Mizuno driver launches, whether you’re a lower handicapper after workability and a satisfying oomph at impact, or a mid to high-handicapper relishing extra forgiveness and something a little louder. GM equipment editor Jezz Ellwood presides over this week’s Gear Vault video blog in which GM staffers Neil Tappin and Paul O’Hagan check out the merits of both clubs… and indulge in a macho-inspired long-driving contest. Log onto the Gear Vault again next Wednesday to get GM’s take on the new Titleist 906F4 fairway wood, heralded as the company’s most playable to date.

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