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Company X Callaway Big Bertha Driver Fits Wii Love Golf Sports Resort Tiger Woods 2010 2008

August 16, 2011

Company X Callaway Big Bertha Driver Fits Wii Love Golf Sports Resort Tiger Woods 2010 2008

  • Transform your Wii controller into a pro style Golf club (Wii Remote not included).
  • Enhance the play of all Golf games, improve your technique with Golf training games and simulators.
  • Club shaft telescopes and locks securely.
  • Securely holds the controller, allowing for full use of all buttons, straps and IR function.
  • Sorry ,we don’t accept return !

Our most popular model.

List Price: $ 56.08

Price: $ 32.99

How to Care For Your Golf Bag

Some golfers consider the Callaway X 20 golf bag as their luggage on the course. It serves its primary purpose of holding all their clubs, plus it has an assortment of pockets and pouches to keep golf balls and all other accessories and belongings organized during a round of golf.

Professional players usually use their Callaway Diablo oversized tournament bags that are carried by caddies. These bags have all the bells and whistles, including a fabric-lined interior to protect clubs, as well as large pockets for an extra pair of shoes, raingear, a full supply of towels, and even refreshments�anything that might be needed for a four-hour competitive round in the elements.

Experienced golfers usually use a scaled-down version of the tournament bag. It can fit either on a motorized cart or a pull cart, or be carried. New golfers might want to start with a lightweight carry bag. Even when players share a cart, courses generally require each player to have a golf bag.


Tips for caring for your golf bag:

Place your bag down gently to avoid damaging the frame.

When using a riding cart, make sure your bag is securely fastened.

Don’t place wet clothing or damp clubs (Callaway X 22) and other equipment in the bag. Any buildup of moisture can weaken the materials.

Use a towel or cloth to wipe off your bag after each use.

Store your bag in a dry, cool area between uses. The extreme temperature changes in a car trunk can damage your bag and its contents.

Replace the straps if they begin to fray or weaken.


Question by Mitch O: golf bags cheap???????????/?
i want a golf bag for under 50euro(including delivery) to ireland. it should be one of the followin cobra TM callaway srixon macgregor wilson etc

Best answer:

Answer by sensfan

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