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Wilson Golf- Sandy Andy Sand Wedge

August 15, 2011

Wilson Golf- Sandy Andy Sand Wedge

The Wilson Sandy Andy sand wedge is a classic design featuring game improvement features. An undercut channel moves more weight to the front of the wedge face helping to elevate your shots with more spin. The bigger wedge head gives you more room for error on miss-hits and boasts confidence over any wedge shot. Equally versatile from the fairway, the Sandy Andy is also great for your full-swing short yardage shots. Its low bounce angle allows you to play a variety of shots from any lie.

List Price: $ 69.99

Price: $ 19.99

Wilson Golf Double Sided Groove Brush

  • Double sided grove brush
  • With bag clip
  • Carded

Your clubs perform better when their grooves are clean, so brush them up with this double sided groove cleaner from Wilson. BONUS: Cleans your shoes and bags, too!
The durable brass bristle brush cleans irons. The soft nylon brush cleans golf bags and shoes. It conveniently clips to golf bags.

List Price: $ 9.99

Price: $ 2.99

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Where to get the Best Deal on Left Handed Golf Clubs

The vast majority of popular sports do require some sort of specialized equipment while others don’t require anything special. Basketball is one sport that doesn’t require anything special for left handed players. Tennis doesn’t require a special racket. Football doesn’t require special pads. Soccer, well, you get the idea. Having to use specialized equipment makes loving the game very difficult. You’ll be glad to know many manufacturers are working on designing lines of equipment specifically for the left handed player. Here are some of the left handed golf clubs you can buy.

The Wilson Pro Staff G6205 is a set of golf clubs designed specifically for left handed individuals. During the time this was written, this club set sells for approximately one hundred and fifty dollars on Amazon. These clubs are designed for taller people. At the moment this article is being written, Amazon does not have an user reviews, so if you have an interest in this golf set, you might want to go looking for it in a sporting goods store. That way you can test them out before you buy them. If you really want to browse through a good selection of left handed golf clubs, do an online search. You can find general sporting good sites, large marketplaces that sell everything, as well as sites focused on golf clubs. The nice thing about the internet is that you can browse at your leisure and you don’t have to worry about pesky salespeople bothering you. The disadvantage is that you can’t actually hold the golf clubs in your hands. This can be very disconcerting -especially for a golf enthusiast who is picky about her clubs.

But the best place to search for left handed golf clubs is with the largest selection available. Their wide selection of clubs offers designs for both men and women. They also sell putters. The clubs are available individually or sold as sets, depending on your needs. The downside to this company is since it is based solely online with no retail space, you can’t test the clubs without buying them first. Be sure to research their return and refund procedures before buying in case the clubs you buy don’t fit you. As a left handed person, you often have to make special arrangements when everything is set up with the right handed in mind. Golf courses, like most things, are mostly set up for right handed players. It’s essential for you to find the right equipment if you are going to play your best game. If you are a top player, of course, you may be able to get away with using any golf club you pick up! Don’t worry -eventually you will find the best left handed golf clubs for yourself. Be vigilant! On a side note, if you’d like to improve your golf game get yourself golf swing analysis software.

Get Your Golf Game To Peak Performance, Get Golf Swing Analysis Software.

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Question by DARLENE: what is my left handed wilson women full set of golf clubs worth?

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This is all I could find with the limited information you have provided.

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See Ricky Barnes in the new Wilson staff Di11 commercial
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