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Callaway Golf X Series Jaws Vintage S300 Wedge (Left Handed, 56-degrees) Review

August 15, 2011

Callaway Golf X Series Jaws Vintage S300 Wedge (Left Handed, 56-degrees)

  • Mack Daddy Grooves Aggressively-sized at the maximum conforming depth and width, these grooves provide maximum shot-stopping spin and control.
  • C-Grind Sole This popular design on Tour relieves the heel, toe and trailing edge, resulting in a ?C? shape on the sole. The shape, plus a tighter heel-toe radius and proper bounce
  • Forged 1020 Carbon Steel Construction Provides soft feel and better feedback around the greens. The Triple Net Forging process produces incredible consistency in construction. (12 GR 85ST) 52-12
  • Finish and Shaft Options Each wedge is available in either the Soft Milky Chrome or Dark Vintage finish, as well as steel or graphite shafts.
  • Mack Daddy Grooves are aggressively-sized at the maximum conforming depth and width for maximum shot-stopping spin and control.

Master craftsman Roger Cleveland has taken everything he knows about designing short-game weapons and created a new wedge series that takes precision shot-making to new heights. Incorporating Callaway's famous Mack Daddy Grooves, these wedges provide incredible control around the green, with shot-stopping spin that allows golfers to take dead aim at the hole. The wedges are constructed from soft 1020 carbon steel using a Triple Net Forging process that creates unparalleled consistency with tou

List Price: $ 150.00

Price: $ 130.33

Callaway Golf Clubs: Precision and Durability

The clubs are most important for all of the golfers. Perfect clubs help to make a good perfomance. Nowadays, newer innovations occured in drivers and irons. I will introduce some information.
During this time, Callaway� has established themselves as an industry leader in the field of golf equipment, with a particular emphasis on drivers and irons.

One of the most notable new features introduced by Callaway appears in the company’s drivers. Through a technique known as hyperbolic face technology, Callaway drivers now offer longer distance and more power in your swing. The face of each driver is carefully calibrated to achieve just the right incline, enabling you to cut under the ball to get lift and distance out of your swing. Ball speed increases across the face of the club, adding power without detracting from precision, and without requiring a lot of extra force from you. Callaway also offers different external weighting options, helping you get your ideal position and trajectory every time. Callaway drivers such as the FT-5, Hyper X and newly released FT-iQ all incorporate advanced technology to increase ball speed, accuracy an better results on miss hits.

Callaway has also made technological breakthroughs in the design of its irons. In close consultation with pros fresh off of the tour circuit, Callaway has created a new cavity weighting system that allows for targeted distribution of mass. The weight is now placed on either side of the cavity, leading to a strategic distribution of weight that helps add to the power of your shots without becoming bulky or unwieldy. The weight also helps ensure that shots remain straight and true, providing the kind of maneuverability demanded by the pros. Additionally, Callaway changed the irons’ head design and began manufacturing with forged 1020 carbon steel, giving golfers more feel and feedback during the game. The result is industry-standard irons, beautifully forged to Tour standards and able to support any golfer’s game.

These changes are particularly evident in Callaway’s 2009 series X Forged Irons. Featuring all of these improvements, these clubs are designed for experienced players looking for high performance golf equipment. The X Forged Irons are tools, allowing players to evaluate the course and attack each hole with almost surgical precision, exploiting every weakness and using every advantage. Few available iron sets can offer such a level of detail, and even fewer can match the industry standard that Callaway has set.

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Question by mpmitri: Can I buy Golf Clubs from China and sell them in the USA?
Is it leggel for me to buy callaway golf clubs directly from China and sell them in the US? or will the local Callaway representative/distributor try to shut me down?
I do have a golf pro shop and was thinking about selling them in my pro shop

Best answer:

Answer by Henry
It is legal if you only do it once or twice and you sell it in person, but if you try to make a Business of it you can get fined and arrested.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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