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Iron Monkey [VHS]

August 14, 2011

Iron Monkey [VHS]

Since the late 1800s, the real-life Cantonese patriot Wong Fei-hung has evolved into an icon of Chinese pop culture, a sort of Asian Davy Crockett. He’s been a central figure in Hong Kong cinema since the 1950s, most recently in Tsui Hark ‘s Once Upon a Time in China series. In this thrilling 1993 adventure directed by Yuen Woo-ping, we meet Wong as an earnest boy traveling with his upright pugilist father (Donnie Yen) and drawing inspiration from the activities of the benevolent masked bandit k

List Price: $ 19.98

Price: $ 7.44

More Ping Irons Products
Forgiveness in Your Bag Ping Rapture V2 Irons Review

The Ping Rapture V2 Irons is one of the best set in game improvement category for the outstanding forgiveness and power. They are the most forgiving Ping irons and if you’re struggling with your game, these are certainly going to be a more-than-worthwhile addition to the bag. While they perhaps may not be the nicest looking golf clubs ever made. The Rapture V2 Irons are meant to make the game of golf as easy as possible. You can check out online for discount golf clubs to save some money on the V2s.


The Rapture V2 irons leverage the multi-metal technology to not only launch the ball longer, but also higher and with more accuracy. Now you can hit those soaring iron approach shots that go high and long and yet land softly on the green.


The Ping Rapture V2 Irons have a dense tungsten sole weight which positions the center of gravity low and away from the face. This extreme toe weighing optimizes the launch angle and provides for a consitently high yet penetrating trajectory. All this innovation is only made possible by the lightweight titanium face insert that allows more weight to be shifted out to the bottom and perimeter areas of the clubface. All this means better iron shots that are much easier to hit.


The Rapture V2 irons do such a great job of making it easy to hit the ball up in the air with a steep launch angle and a high flying trajectory that the lofts on these irons are stronger than you would find on a standard golf iron set. This means golfers can generate greater distance with each iron without sacrificing control.


Each of the Ping Rapture V2 Irons is constructed with a Custom Tuning Port to stabilize the titanium insert face to help ensure a solid feel and consistency. Extra tungsten weighting on the sole helps position the center of gravity as low as possible low and farther back for higher launching shots.


In short, the Ping Rapture V2 Irons will impress you with their great feel and forgiveness which can make your game really easy and comfortable.

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290 Yard Drive
ping irons

Image by aka*Travz
Spencer Creek golf course, a lovely spring day. This is the end result is this 290 yard drive off the white tee box to the green on the 6th hole. This is about 40 yards farther than my usual drives, but after a frustrating few minutes on the par 5, 5th hole i decided to kill it. Good thing though, it worked out great!

I use a cheap set of irons that are a pass down from my father, a Ping G5 3 wood, a Ping G5 Hybrid Iron, and a Ping Rapture 9 Degree driver.

Question by Joseph R: Lengthened upright irons….. To Ping or not to Ping?
I am 6’4 with larger than average hands and I am working on my game, in particular my swing. I feel that my current clubs, standard length lie grips are getting in my way.

I shoot around a 94-98 on pretty easy courses, city courses around San Antonio. I need to break 80 in the next 4 years or I lose a bet with some inlaws.

I was fitted for Ping Irons, I am 1″+ in length, maroon dot, 4.5* upright, a bit oversized grip.

2 questions: If Ping, should I get a set that are made for “hackers” (low center of gravity, large bottom) or should I get a set that will suit my eventual stunning golf skill (more like blades)?

If not Ping, what other comparable clubs come from the factory with the lie and length and grips correct, so the overall price is more affordable for me. (The sets of Pings i was looking at run from $ 700 – $ 850 USD)?
“Hackers” was not meant to be a derogatory term to golfers using these irons ':-P' Anyways, I fall under the “Super Hacker” category lol.

P.S. I know I need lessons, just want to get some clubs i don’t have to hunch over before i do so the instructor has a chance ':)'

Best answer:

Answer by outkast
Go and get some lessons.

Give your answer to this question below!

Golfbidder sent TT and Donal to The PGA Show in Orlando to check out what was coming from the manufacturers for the 2011 season. Her they are talking to Brad from Ping about the PIng K15 and G15 game improvement irons.

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