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Beginner's Guide to Playing Golf,Improve Your Contact

August 13, 2011

Beginner’s Guide to Playing Golf,Improve Your Contact

There are many different forms of clubs, so how does the beginner know which club to choose? Here are some fundamental hints that should set you right. Golf clubs have different uses throughout your golfing game. One of the most popular golf clubs that is rather new on the horizon is known as the hybrid or occasionally the utility hybrid. It has several different uses including shooting from the fairway. So if you have difficulty in getting the distance, test the hybrid. It could help you to avo

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Comparison between Ping, Wilson And Cobra Golf Club Drivers

One of the most important things for a golfer is that he should examine his golf club,so does choose a set of clubs that feel comfortable with.Try out as many golf clubs as necessary before you buy. (Mizuno MP-58 Irons) There are lots of where there is a good choice of brands and clubs. Here are sepecific clubs you need to take into consideration once you’ve started playing the game.

�Ping i15 Driver

The Ping i15 is a beautifully styled and Superb looking driver that would stand out on the tee, the black face looks very menacing, giving you the confidence to control the shape and flight of your shots. The Ping i15 Driver should suit golfers who are looking for a lower, more controlled flight and want playability from a 460cc head. This driver has been one of the best club buys for while.If you are a decent ball striker who tends to hit a high ball then would seriously recommend this driver, (Ping i15 Irons) also suprisingly easy to find that sweet spot.

�Wilson Smooth Driver

The Wilson Smooth driver is another classic, clean looks driver.It is another high performance driver,which combined the chic exoteric of the 460 cc head with their own achievement technology on the inside applicable their own Variable thickness design in the face to deliver a sweetspot that is twice as large as traditional constant thickness clubfaces.If you are looking for a driver and are prepared to look away from the marquee names in this sector then the Wilson Staff Smooth is worth trying out.

�Cobra L5V Driver

The Cobra L5V Driver is featured not only what is said to be the largest clubface in golf,but also Cobra’s new Adjustable Flight Technology. (Ping Rapture V2 Series ) Where the Ping i15 is aimed specifically at better players,The Cobra L5V Driver is designed to suit varying ball speed players with a non-adjustable swing-weight screw in the sole helping to balance the clubhead perfectly with the shaft. Because of the adjustable settings that enable all kinds of ball-strikers to customising club to optimum effect.,You can maximise your driving distance.


Discount golf shop provides discount golf clubs�

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Question by Tj: Do Ping manufacture there golf clubs in china at all?

Best answer:

Answer by scattered&thrashed76$
I hope not.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Take it from Bubba Watson and this guy: its time to switch to PINGs G15 or i15 driver.

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