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How'd All These Ping Pong Balls Get in My Bag?! The Stressed-Out Woman's Guide to Letting Go with Laughter Review

August 11, 2011

How’d All These Ping Pong Balls Get in My Bag?! The Stressed-Out Woman’s Guide to Letting Go with Laughter

Every woman carries a bag, but this book is about that invisible bag filled with our stressors. The ping pong balls referred to in the title represent the little everyday frustrations and embarrassments that aren’t worth our energy and time, but because they happen so fast and so often, we just add them to the pile of things we carry around with us in our ever-heavier bag of stress. Studies show that women have more stress (like we needed those studies!) and we respond to it differently than men

List Price: $ 8.50


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UK and American Bingo players accused of stealing ping pong balls. Instances of A1B1 (Nobingo) syndrome confirmed

After the big bingo demonstrations seen in the UK and USA it's now the turn of Ping Pong players to complain. Reports are coming in that UK and USA bingo players are looting ping pong sports halls and taking all their ping pong balls. Although unconfirmed, some bingo players have also taken marker pens and colored spray paint for uses unknown.

Hisomwin Eysdown, 28, national ping pong coach is enraged. “It is silly for bingo players to steal our balls. As everyone knows the size of a certified ping pong ball is 27.7mm diameter whereas the legal size for a bingo ball is 25.3mm. They will simply get stuck in the blower pipe!” He did add though. “Look, I know A1B1 (Nobingo) syndrome is a problem at the moment and I feel for bingo players in America and Britain, but countries like France and Italy are dealing with the problem without bingo players resorting to stealing ping pong balls. Those countries have supplied hundreds of bingo bags containing plastic tiles with the numbers 1 to 90 printed on. This system works just as well without the need of a machine. Why isn't our government doing something?”

As previously reported, online bingo operators, both in the UK and USA seem to be enjoying the situation. A spokesman for an online bingo website, who particularly asked not to be named, had this to say. “I really feel for bingo players who are unable to play local bingo and especially do not condone the stealing of ping pong balls but there is a solution. Play online bingo. It's just the same as playing at your local bingo hall but better. Our particular website will give any online bingo player to try out the games and when a deposit is made we will give them a 200% bonus. Even our prizes tend to be better. We have ,000 and ,000 coveralls playing every hour with a chance to win an incredible 0,000. Plus our chat rooms are friendly and our chat masters are always having fun games and bonus games for lucky players. Bingo games start from just 10c per bingo card, are easy and fun to play” Mr Ivor Winningcard, 35, of Winsconsin,� USA had more to say but we had to stop him.

If you really want to play bingo please do not resort to stealing ping pong balls. Join internet online bingo now and remember both UK and American bingo players are very welcome.

More news about the World Bingo Ball shortages

I could be suffering from A1B1 syndrome. Let me play bingo now!

Just a fun and happy person from the UK! I just love online bingo.

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Ping Pong Ball
ping balls

Image by ozone567
Picture of a ping-pong ball on our neighbors ping-pong table in our loft

Question by xXTheFameXx: There are 9 seemingly identical ping ping balls. Using a balance only twice, how can you find the heavy one?
You can’t tell by holding them, but one is slightly heavier than the other eight.

Best answer:

Answer by My 2 Cents
Nix the balance and put them in a bucket of water and see which one sinks farther in the water because they all float.

Give your answer to this question below!

Thisepisode can also be seen on my Bragster site: Welcome to dOvetastic Microwave Theater. Today your professional microwave operator will be microwaving 144 ping pong balls for your viewing pleasure. DO NOT ATTEMPT. dOvetastic Microwave Theater has over 500 microwaving episodes between these two sites: Please be sure to friend me on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest microwaving news including the ongoing construction of the massive MALIK 11000 Five Ton Microwaving Robot. *Remember, microwaving food is for morons. You are watching Episode HD Widescreen # Two-Hundred & Ninety-Three Microwaving Episode #522 This show is for entertainment purposes only, so please DO NOT ATTEMPT these experiments at home. Experiments are produced in a professional environment with proper safety equipment.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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